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Retail Price ($/qt.)-a
June 28, 2010
 Type $/Qt. % Change
Castrol 3.97 -
Valvoline 3.87 -
Pennzoil 3.47 -
Quaker State 3.37 -
Motorcraft 2.77 -
Mobil 5000 2.77 -
Store brand 2.39 -
Private label 2.17 -
Average 3.10  -
High Mileage
Castrol 4.67 -
Valvoline Maxlife 4.57 -
Pennzoil 4.17 -
Quaker State 3.88 -
Store brand 2.87  
Average 4.03  -
Pennzoil Ultra 6.97 -
Mobil1 6.37 -
Castrol 6.36 -
Pennzoil Platinum 5.97 -
Store brand 3.94 -
Average 5.92

a- At leading retailer.

API SM GF-4 5W-30



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July 2, 2010

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Happy 4th of July...  The JobbersWorld Forum Goes Live!
JobbersWorld is Very Pleased to Announce the Launch of the JobbersWorld Forum!

The JobbersWorld Forum creates an exciting community of lubricant manufacturers, marketers, suppliers, buyers, and others interested in exchanging ideas, thoughts, and concerns about our industry. This interchange will ultimately
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The JobbersWorld Forum is the first and only real-time communications platform designed for lubricant jobbers and other industry stakeholders.

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Chevron Introduces HDAX® 7200 Low Ash Gas Engine Oil

Chevron Products Company, a manufacturer of technologically advanced engine oils, lubricants and coolants, today introduced HDAX® 7200 Low Ash Gas Engine Oil SAE 40. The new oil is specifically designed for large stationary gas engines in gas compression, processing or co-generation
applications that operate in extreme environments. HDAX® 7200 Low Ash is particularly suited for lean-burn and stoichiometric four-stroke engines operating under high load, high temperature conditions as well as selected two-stroke gas engines requiring good low temperature startability.

The new oil is formulated with high-quality Group II base stocks and uses a proprietary, premium additive package containing ashless dispersants, oxidation inhibitors, metallic detergents and a metallic anti-wear agents. This combination of high-quality Group II base stock and a premium additive package results in excellent wear protection, helping to maximize equipment life and resulting in minimal downtime and maintenance costs.

Chevron's HDAX 7200 Low Ash Gas Engine Oil SAE 40 is formulated to meet NSCR catalyst compatibility requirements and is especially suited for installations requiring low phosphorus oil to prevent exhaust
catalyst poisoning.

"HDAX is a brand known for exceeding OEM specifications, customer demands and market challenges," said Rochna Kaul, Americas Marketing Manager, Chevron Products Company. "Our new HDAX 7200 Low Ash Gas Engine Oil lives up to that legacy and will allow our customers to maximize their technology investments by delivering long engine life, fewer maintenance cycles and extended oil drains.  As gas engines made by top North American and European manufacturers increase in power and efficiency, they will need an oil designed to successfully handle these conditions; HDAX 7200 Low Ash is that oil."

Infineum Singapore Announces Commencement of New Salicylate Manufacturing Facility 

Infineum Singapore Pte Ltd.announces the commencement of a major project for the construction of a grass roots salicylate manufacturing facility at its site  at Jurong Island, Singapore. Initial project work will comprise the completion of front end engineering and design in early 2011. The construction phase is scheduled for 2012-13, with commissioning and start-up to occur in the second half of 2013. Infineum Singapore has appointed Foster Wheeler Asia Pacific Pte Ltd to carry out the front end ngineering and design.

Infineum Singapore also announces the appointment of Xavier Leleux as Venture Manager and Teo Lek Hong as Project Manager.

Calcium salicylate is a unique detergent component which is a critical part of Infineum's highly-differentiated top tier passenger car and heavy-duty oil formulations, and its marine oil additive product slate. The new plant is an important addition to Infineum's global supply capability of these additives.

Trevor Russell, Infineum Group Vice President of Sales & Marketing and Chief Strategy Officer, commented: "With the excellent assistance of the relevant Singapore government departments, we have been able to progress this salicylate investment project through its initial stages on schedule to meet our 2013 start up target. Continuing our selective and disciplined approach to capital investment, this project is another confirmation of Infineum's commitment to the reliable supply of its technology-leading additives to support the growth of its key customers."

Sara Lefcourt, Infineum Group Vice President Supply, added: "Singapore is an excellent location for this project as it allows us more readily to supply the fast growing Asia Pacific market. Together with our similar facilities in Berre in France, this plant will offer increased supply reliability to our customers around the world.

Infineum International Limited and the Infineum Group of Companies is a major worldwide developer, manufacturer and marketer of lubricant additives used primarily in automotive, heavy-duty diesel and marine engines, as well as additives for diesel fuels. Its customers are oil companies and other lubricant and fuel marketers. The Infineum product line also includes specialty additives for automotive transmission fluids, and industrial oils. For more information visit the Infineum Web site at: Infineum Website

Total Says it Has the Answer for Blue Water Marine -  A single Engine Oil for High and Low Sulfur Fuel
Total Lubmarine claims to have the only lubricant product in the market that can operate successfully for HFO at sulphur contents ranging below 1% and above 4%.

Following the ECA sulphur limit reduction from 1.5% to 1%, Total says that shipowners are faced with not only fuel switching difficulties but the additional need for lubricant switching as they move in and out of the ECA.

Although it was possible to operate using traditional 70 BN lubricants at sulphur levels of 1.5% and above,  engine designers' guidelines state that lower base number lubricants must be used with fuels containing  under 1% sulphur in order to prevent excess deposits and engine wear and scuffing. The solution offered by most major lubricant suppliers is the use of two different lube oils according to the sulphur content of the fuel  being burnt by the vessel. For ship operators this gives rise to a host of complex operational issues not least additional storage capacity, crew training and on-board    procedure requirements.
Total Lubmarine says, though, that its patented Talusia Universal has been approved by all OEMs for use with high and low sulphur content HFO. The oil is claimed to offer a one-stop solution, providing cost, efficiency and safety benefits through elimination of the risk of engine damage from mismatch between different cylinder oils. Unlike other lubricant solutions, it is said to require no deviation from usual operations.
Total marketing manager Patrick Havil says: "Talusia Universal sales have increased by 90% this year alone.  Now, one in every two of our customers uses Talusia Universal. It is used by all types of vessels, including cargo ships, tankers, container vessels, and ro-ros.
Total is expecting this cylinder oil will become the reference in the market. One of Lubmarine's largest          shipowner customers commented "Talusia Universal is unique. No other major oil company has produced a  comparable product. If I were one of Lubmarine's competitors I would be looking to get a similar product  into the international market as soon as possible."
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