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May 20, 2010

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  • CITGO Announced Yesterday
  • ConocoPhillips also went up
  • All but one of the majors has announced increases
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    CITGO Announced Yesterday

    Marketers received word yesterday from CITGO that it will increases the price of its finished lubricants by 8 to 10%. This increase is effective July 1, 2010

    ConocoPhillips also went up

    ConocoPhilips got their letter on May 17. Those letters advised of a price increase of 6 to 9% depending on product specific factors. This increase goes into effect on July 1, 2010.

    Marketers say ConocoPhillips atrrributed the increase to the recent increases in base oil, additives and packaging costs.

    All but one of the majors has announced increases

    All but one of the major lubricant manufacturers have announced lubricant price increases in the US market. BP/Castrol is the only one that has not. Marketers say they wonder if one will come from BP considering the challenges the company is currently dealing with to get the spill under control in the Gulf, address clean up issues, and to address political concerns, and public image issues arising from the spill.

    It should be noted that the majors have not been the only ones to announce price increases over the past month. Several of the leading independent lubricant manufacturers have also announced. These include Warren Oil, Advanced Lubrication Services, CAM2, and Smitty's.

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