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May 19, 2010

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  • ExMo Announces Price Increase
  • Chevron Moves on Price
  • Valvoline Announced This Morning
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    ExMo Announces Price Increase

    ExxonMobil advised its marketers that effective July 1, 2010, it will increase the price of its branded and unbranded lubricants and greases. Marketers are told the increase will bump prices up by as much as 9%.

    Chevron Moves on Price

    Chevron marketers got the word yesterday that there will be an increase of up to 10% on all lubricating oils, gear lubes and greases. This increase is effective July 1, 2010.

    Chevron says the increase is due to the recent rise in base oil and additive costs.

    Valvoline Announced This Morning

    Valvoline marketers got word this morning that Valvoline too is increasing its prices. Marketers are told that effective June 21, 2010, Valvoline will increase the price of its lubricant products by up to 9%. The actual amount will vary by type and segment.

    Valvoline says this increase is due to the higher cost of base stocks and other raw materials.

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