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August 10, 2009

  • ExxonMobil Bumps its Price
  • ConocoPhillips joins the crowd
  • BP Lubricant (Castrol) also Announced a Price Increase
  • Go Figure - A Price Decrease at Goodwrench
  • Polaris Laboratories Website Raises the Bar in Oil Analysis
  • Toyota's Migration to SAE 0W-20 Synthetics
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  • ExxonMobil Bumps its Price

    ExxonMobil advised its marketers on August 7th it will increase the price of lubricants from 5 to 7%. This increase reportedly applies to branded and unbranded lubricants and greases and will take effect September 15, 2009.

    ConocoPhillips joins the crowd

    It looks like Friday was the day for price increases. ConocoPhillips also announced on August 7, 2009 the company is implementing a general price increase on its lubricants from 6 to 9% effective October 7, 2009. According to marketers, ConocoPhilips says its increase is tied to the higher cost of raw material components used in the manufacturing of lubricants.

    BP Lubricant (Castrol) also Announced a Price Increase

    Castrol sent letters to its marketers on August 1, 2009 advising it will increase the price of most passenger car, commercial and industrial lubricants by up to 6%. This increase goes in effect October 5, 2009.

    Unlike other majors, Castrol's announcement reportedly did not speak to why it's increasing prices. But then again, marketers, say, does it really matter? Because in their view, the explanations are always the same. Due to the higher cost of base oils, additives, and packaging.

    Go Figure - A Price Decrease at Goodwrench

    While many in the lubricants business were announcing price increases over the past few weeks due to a nearly $0.75 a gallon increase in the price of base oil, GM advised its dealers on July 30th the price of Goodwrench Oil and its bulk ATF will be reduced by $0.25 a gallon, effective August 1.

    Polaris Laboratories Website Raises the Bar in Oil Analysis

    POLARIS Laboratories®, a leading oil analysis laboratory in the US, announced the unveiling of a completely redesigned website aimed at providing its users with a strong foundation of both fluid analysis information and guidance on managing an effective testing program. The site is easier to navigate and its technical content has been greatly expanded to give new user's immediate answers to their initial questions and to help experienced users take existing programs to a higher level. See at end of story to see the newly redesigned website.

    "The POLARIS website's new look is a reflection of our future direction as an innovative leader in fluid analysis," said Jacque Powers, Director of Marketing and Communications for POLARIS Laboratories®. "Our focus is on building stronger, more personal customer relationships by showing them what they should expect from a knowledgeable and effective fluid analysis provider. We want them to know that the people behind the production care about and understand what that three ounces of fluid means to our users."

    "Our customers continually tell us that the site is a tremendous source of technical information - that we've become a very reliable 'go-to' source for direction on fluid analysis," Powers added. "So we've added even more content on a variety of topics from how to start a testing program to information on our newest products like program reviews and assessments and equipment list management."

    The site's home page now gives users direct access to HORIZON® where they can view and manage their fluid analysis data. The web-based reporting application allows users to view test results and maintenance recommendations almost immediately after samples are processed. The software also provides users with access to several management reports they can use to keep sampling on track, pinpoint equipment problems by make, model and manufacturer and document data that can influence future equipment purchases.

    Headquartered in Indianapolis, POLARIS Laboratories® has additional testing facilities located in Houston, Salt Lake City and Edmonton, AB. POLARIS tests oils, fuels, coolants and metalworking fluids to help customers improve asset reliability and extend equipment life. For additional information on POLARIS Laboratories®, its testing capabilities, field services and training opportunities, go to www.polarislabs.com or contact Jacque Powers, Director of Marketing and Communications, at jpowers@polarislabs.com.

    Toyota's Migration to SAE 0W-20 Synthetics

    Toyota has been advising its dealers since the second quart of this year that significant change is coming. Specifically, dealers say Toyota is telling them that over the next several years, Toyota, Scion and Lexus (and other manufacturers for that matter) will slowly change to SAE 0W-20 synthetics. Dealers are told this change is driven by more stringent emission certifications around Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards and ULEVII.

    Since some of the new makes and model requiring SAE 0W-20 synthetics are now hitting the market, Toyota has taken the lead in advising its dealers about what to expect.

    First it says Toyota is not the only OEM to adopt the new standard. In fact, it's telling dealers several other OEMs already require the new engine oil technology and many others will by 2011.

    Now for the big one - price. SAE 0W-20 does not come cheap. In fact, dealers say they are told 0W-20 (in cases) will cost roughly 3 times that of 5W-20 in bulk. This will reportedly result in an increase of $23 to $35 for a lube oil and filter change. At the same time, dealers say higher prices are expected as the transition takes place from 5W-20 to 0W-20, especially since demand for 0W-20 will initially be low and addressed with quart and drum purchases rather than bulk. At the same time, dealers add that Toyota says by the years end the price differential for an oil change with SAE 0W-20 will likely drop to less than $20 as demand increases and supply builds.

    So what's in it for the customer?

    Toyota is advising its dealers there are several advantages gained by using SAE 0W-20. These include enhanced engine protection at high and low temperatures, improved fuel economy, and reduced engine deposits. In addition, Toyota says, IF oil drain intervals are increased to 10K miles (something they are reportedly studying), this alone pays for the increased cost of oil.

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