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February 24, 2009

  • More Price Decreases
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  • More Price Decreases

    ConocoPhillips advised its marketers on Friday of last week that it will decrease prices on engine oils and other selected lubricants by $0.55 a gallon effective yesterday, February 23, 2009. According to marketers, this price decrease does not apply to synthetics engine oils and other high-end products.

    In addition to ConocoPhillips announced price decrease, Valvoline is now advising its marketers that a price decrease of $0.60 a gallon will go into effect on March 2, 2009. Valvoline's price decrease means marketers will pay roughly $0.60 a gallon less for Valvoline conventional engine oils, and $0.48 a gallon less for synthetic and synthetic blend engine oils.

    ConocoPhillips and Valvoline's price decrease comes on the heels of several other announced price decreases over the past two weeks. A summary of these announcements follows:

    • ExxonMobil: $0.52 to $0.68 cents a gallon
    • Chevron 9%
    • Castrol Automotive: $0.60 on bulk and $0.70 on packaged
    • Citgo $0.50 a gallon, depending on products

    Repositioning Quaker State

    According to a recent press release, Jimmie Johnson is helping Quaker State Launch its New DURABLE OIL POSITION.

    To draw attention to the launch of its new brand positioning, Quaker State is kicking off a campaign to identify "The World's Worst Commute." The winner of the video-submission contest will receive a once in a lifetime ride to work with a very special chauffeur: Jimmie Johnson, only the second driver in NASCAR history to win three consecutive Sprint Cup Series championships.

    Okay, okay, enough of that... because although you can read more about Quaker States "World's Worst Commute" marketing campaign by going to the QS link below, the real question on the minds of many is, "how do Quaker State and Pennzoil's synthetic engine oils compare to that of Mobil 1?" Are they "4x better," "8x better", or just the same as Mobil 1 in the Sequence IVA test?

    Valvoline was first to say its SynPower has "four times better wear protection than Mobil 1" (based on the industry standard Sequence IVA test). Then, based on the same test, Castrol announced during the Super Bowl that it "provides 8X better wear protection than Mobil 1 5W-30."

    So the big questions many are asking are:

    How do Pennzoil and Quaker States synthetics stack up to Mobil 1?

    And... maybe more importantly, many are asking "is it true that Valvoline and Castrol are so much better than Mobil 1 in the Sequence IVA test." And moreover, if true "what does this test really mean in terms of engine oil performance?"

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