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December 11, 2008

  • Valvoline Hold its Ground and Turns up the Heat
  • Castrol Price Increase - Clarification
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  • Valvoline Hold its Ground and Turns up the Heat

    As reported in the July 24, 2008 issue of Jobbers World Online News, Valvoline launched a national advertising campaign that takes on competitor Mobil 1. The centerpiece of the campaign claim Valvoline SynPower has "four times better wear protection than Mobil 1."

    According to Valvoline, the claim is based on the industry standard Sequence IVA test. The Sequence IVA is the industry standard test for determining wear performance of an engine oil and is required to meet the API SL and SM requirements. Multiple tests showed that Valvoline SynPower provided four times better wear protection than Mobil 1, as measured in these tests of 5W-30 grades.

    ExxonMobil responded to the claim by saying it was "not aware of any accurate technical data to support the claim" and they requested Valvoline provide the "substantiating data to support this claim immediately."

    Rather than backing down, Valvoline is holding its ground, and turns up the heat.

    Marketers say the received a letter from Valvoline providing additional information and data to support Valvoline SynPower's significant performance advantage versus Mobil 1. In addition, marketers say the letter turns the table on ExxonMobil's challenge and Valvoline is now challenging ExxonMobil's claim for its Mobil 1 5W-30.

    According to the letter, Valvoline says the company conducted a number of tests and commissioned an independent laboratory to evaluate the performance of SynPower and Mobil 1 in the Sequence IVA wear test. Marketers were told the tests were run on a 5W-30 since it's the top selling grade.

    Now for the interesting part...

    According to a letter Valvoline marketers received, the result from Valvoline's testing indicate:

    • Valvoline SynPower's 5W-30 wear performance is at least four times better than Mobil 1 5W-30
    • Mobil 1 5W-30 does not meet minimum API SM or ILSAC GF-4 specification because of its inferior performance in the Sequence IVA wear test

    The letter reportedly goes on to say that Valvoline notified ExxonMobil of the failed test results in September and that the company take appropriate action regarding their claim that Mobil 1 meets ILSAC GF-4 and API SM specifications, or provide substantiation that they in fact meet these specifications.

    As of today, Valvoline told JobbersWorld, ExxonMobil has been silent.

    Castrol Price Increase - Clarification

    Earlier in the week, JobbersWorld reported that Castrol advised its marketers about a retroactive decrease on posted prices of $0.44 a gallon on conventional lubricants and $0.45 a gallon on synthetics. This decrease applies only to product purchased in bulk, tote, drum, and kegs. A price decrease of $0.44 a gallon will reportedly go into effect on January 5, 2009.

    As a point of clarification, It should be noted that this decrease does not apply to Castrol Industrial lubricants.

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