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November 18, 2008

  • ConocoPhillips Introduces "Titanium-Strength Oil"
  • Dr. Anoop Kumar joins Royal Manufacturing
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  • ConocoPhillips Introduces "Titanium-Strength Oil"

    At ConocoPhillips marketers meeting in Orlando last week the company made a Big Announcement - the introduction of 'Liquid Titanium" additive technology to two of its heavy-duty engine oils. Said to represent a "New Era of Engine Protection," marketers were told the additive provides a molecular-level shield against wear by chemically binding a protective titanium layer on the surface of engine parts. In terms of functionality, it's similar to ZDDP in that it's an antiwear additive. Unlike, ZDDP which is the most common AW additive used in engine oils; however, it does not contain phosphorus which is a poison to catalytic converters.

    Based on data presented at the meeting, ConocoPhillips says there are several clear advantages to the new titanium additive, including:

    • Enhanced wear control in Cummins ISB test (15% reduction in Cam lobe wear, 46% reduction in Crosshead wear
    • Reduced cam lobe wear in Sequence IVA test (API SM), 45% reduction in intake lobe wear
    • HTCBT (D-6594) test results in equal or less corrosion with titanium containing oil showing no harm to copper or lead components
    • Reduced bearing weight loss in Sequence VIII test show improved bearing protection, 9% reduction in bearing weight loss

    When you add it all up, ConocoPhillips marketer's were told the advantage of the titanium additive is reduced engine wear, equivalent or reduced bearing corrosion, improved oxidation stability, and no impact on DPFs or exhaust catalysts. Further, they noted, the heavy-duty engine oils containing the new additive will offer a significant advancement of proven technology that has already outperformed competition in benchmarking tests.

    Liquid Titanium additive technology will initially be featured in Kendall Super-D XA and Guardol ECT 15W-40. Both products are API CJ-4 approved and marketers were told the Liquid Titanium enhanced products will also meet API CJ-4. This could prove to be a key factor in moving more of the market to CJ-4 because it changes the arguments about why some continue to use CI-4+.

    Although there has been no official notification of pricing for the Liquid Titanium enhanced lubricants, ConocoPhillips indicated at its marketers meeting that both Super-D XA and Guardol ECT with Liquid Titanium will be offered at the same competitive price as the previous formulation.

    The ConocoPhillips marketers JobbersWorld spoke with about the new titanium additive generally say they are excited about several issues around the product. One is that it appears to offer a clear opportunity to differentiate ConocoPhillips HDEO from the competition. In addition, several said they tip their hats to ConocoPhillips for being first to market with patented technology exclusive to ConocoPhillips.

    Although the new Liquid Titanium additive will initially be used only in Kendall Super-D XA and Guardol ECT 15W-40, ConocoPhillips told its marketers there is more to come, and to "Think Big."

    As a point of interest, check out the link below and the referenced Citation. Because it appears, Afton Chemical Company is on the cutting edge of this new and proven technology.

    Dr. Anoop Kumar joins Royal Manufacturing

    Royal Mfg Co., Tulsa OK, is pleased to announce that Dr. Anoop Kumar is the latest addition to its technical staff and will be directly involved in formulating and expanding Royal's industrial grease line. His specific duties will also include promoting our grease and educating customers.

    Dr. Kumar has recently moved from India and joined Royal Mfg Co. as Director - R&D. Dr. Kumar has a Ph.D in Chemistry from Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee (Formerly known as University of Roorkee), is a Premier Institute in India.

    Before joining Royal Mfg Co., worked for Indian Oil's R&D Centre for over 16 years. He was involved in developing lubricating greases for the company, including novel Titanium complex grease. During his work with Indian Oil, he was granted many patents on grease research work on behalf of the company. These patents were granted in several different countries including two U.S. Patents. He regularly participated and presented work in different conferences and meetings of international repute including NLGI annual meetings. His contribution in grease industry work has been well recognized in that part of the world through awards and citations.

    Dr. Kumar has been actively working in the growth of the NLGI-India Chapter since its inception in 1998 and has contributed a lot to the success of this chapters activities, including their annual conferences. He has been a regular faculty member in their education courses. He has also been a member of the Editorial Board of NLGI-India Chapter's quarterly Journal Greasetech India. Before his recent resignation from the NLGI-India Chapter, he held the position of the Treasurer of NLGI-India Chapter. In addition to his work with Royal, he will be active in the NLGI.

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