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September 23, 2008

  • Motiva Declares Force Majeure
  • ConocoPhillips Introduces its next-generation Diamond Class Turbine Oil
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  • Motiva Declares Force Majeure

    Motiva advised its customers yesterday that it has declared force majeure for all grades of API Group II and Group II+ base oils effective immediately.

    According to JobbersWorld's sources, hurricane "Ike" has impaired Motiva's ability to produce base oils at its Port Arthur, Texas refinery due to loss of electrical power.

    In addition, and as is the case with others in the Gulf Region, fallout from Ike is also restricting Motiva's ability to distribute inventoried product.

    Note: Force majeure is an often used clause in contracts written to free both parties from liability or obligation when an extraordinary event or circumstance beyond the control of the parties prevents one or both parties from fulfilling their obligations under the contract. These extraordinary events include wars, strikes, and such acts of God as hurricanes and floods.

    ConocoPhillips Introduces its next-generation Diamond Class Turbine Oil

    ConocoPhillips Company announced the introduction of its next-generation Diamond Class Turbine Oil to meet the complex performance demands of power plant gas turbines. According to Tim Langlais, Director of Industrial Products at ConocoPhillips, this highly-advanced turbine oil, a tri-branded offering featuring the Conoco, 76 Lubricants and Phillips 66 brands, is formulated from exclusive ConocoPhillips hydrocracked base stocks and is available in three different viscosity grades - 32, 46 and 68 - to provide unrivaled varnish protection.

    "We have significantly extended the oxidation life of this oil, having proven its durability in laboratory tests running 35,000 hours with zero varnish deposits." explains Langlais. "ConocoPhillips Company's next-generation Diamond Class Turbine Oils will set a new industry standard for varnish resistance and long-lasting wear protection in gas turbines."

    Gas turbines operate at temperatures as high as 500 degrees F, which can quickly break down oils and produce corrosive acid and sludge build up. This may ultimately lead to increased maintenance costs for plant operators. The higher oxidative stability and varnish protection offered by ConocoPhillips Company's new Diamond Class Turbine Oils substantially extends oil service life, which directly correlates to a cost savings by eliminating the need for frequent maintenance assessments.

    ...more from ConocoPhillips

    ConocoPhillips introduces the 76 Firebird Heavy Duty EC 15W40, the API CJ-4 upgrade of its diesel engine oil.

    The 76 Firebird Heavy Duty EC 15W40 is made from re-refined base oils and a tailored, low SAPS (sulfated ash, phosphorus and sulfur) additive to meet lubrication requirements of the 2007 and later model year, low emissions diesel engines equipped with exhaust after-treatment devices. The product is also back serviceable for use in pre-2007 engines specifying lubricants of the previous API categories.

    "With increased demand for API CJ4 oils in the industry, and in particular by transit agencies and other public institutions subject to government mandates on the procurement and use of rerefined products, it made good business and environmental sense to introduce this product to our customers," says Reggie Dias, Director, Commercial Products, ConocoPhillips Company. "We have upgraded our popular and high-performing Firebird HD 15W40 to the CJ-4 level to give customers the option of using only one oil for an entire fleet, as well as providing a product that is applicable for both new and old engines."

    76 Firebird Heavy Duty EC 15W40 is part of ConocoPhillips Company's environmentally responsible lubricant products line designed to conserve valuable natural resources and help reduce the negative environmental impact from unregulated disposal of used oil. It is made from high-quality re-refined base oils that are produced in a multi-step, used oil re-refining process to deliver uncompromised performance relative to products made in virgin stocks. 76 Firebird Heavy Duty EC 15W40 meets Federal, State and/or Municipal requirements on the procurement and use of re-refined products by the public agencies and institutions. Additionally, it meets the latest heavy duty engine oil specifications of major engine builders for use in metro bus fleets, on-highway trucks and off-highway equipment and provides the following performance benefits:

    "Today, a majority of collected used oil is utilized as burner fuel, which is a huge waste of an increasingly valuable material," says Dias. "Instead this used oil can be re-refined and utilized to create products like our 76 Firebird Lubricants which helps to conserve valuable natural resources, protect the environment and promote corporate responsibility. It's a combination that works better for both our customers and the environment."

    According to ConocoPhillips, the 76 Firebird Heavy Duty EC 15W40 Oil is available now.

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