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July 22, 2008

  • Is this the big one, or just a sign of the times?
  • Shell Kicks It Up
  • Chevron - Temporary Allocation on Synthetics
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  • L.E. Inc Launches Latest DUOLEC Lubricant

  • Is this the big one, or just a sign of the times?

    Castrol announced a revision to the price increase it previously announced on June 18th that was due to take effect on August 4. Marketers say the revision will move Castrol up as much as 26% on all package types.

    According to marketers that got the news, Castrol says the increase is necessary due to rapidly changing market conditions and the cost of goods escalating at an unprecedented rate.

    This revised increase will take effect on August 4.

    Shell Kicks It Up

    Shell advised its marketers yesterday there will be a general price increase of 14% on its lubricants. This increase takes effect September 10, 2008.

    Marketers were told this increase is necessary due to the unprecedented increase in costs of raw materials used in the production and delivery of Shell lubricants.

    Vocabulary word for the day: "Unprecedented" un·prec·e·dent·ed : having no precedent : novel, unexampled

    Chevron - Temporary Allocation on Synthetics

    Chevron advised marketers that some of its products containing polyalphaolefin (PAO) will be put on temporary allocation.

    According to marketers, some synthetic lubricants will be put on allocation due to operating difficulties one of Chevron's primary suppliers of PAO is having at its North American plant. The allocation will reportedly impact a number of synthetic lubricants produced with PAO 40 and 100.

    The allocation went into effect on July 1 and marketers are told it should last only a few months.

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    L.E. Inc Launches Latest DUOLEC Lubricant

    Lubrication Engineers, Inc. (L.E.) announce an addition to its range of industrial lubricants that contain DUOLEC - L.E.'s dual acting Extreme Pressure / anti-wear additive.

    L.E.'s new 1302 DUOLEC Industrial Lubricant has been added to the specialist product line to fulfill the requirement for an un-dyed superior performing oil that can take the place of the previous LE 300 MONOLEC. LE 1302 DUOLEC is an ISO 68 high performance industrial oil designed for use in any industrial gear or bearing application that requires a thermally stable, extreme pressure lubricant. It also meets the requirements for use in many machine tool ways, journal bearings in blower fans & water pumps.

    L.E.'s latest industrial lubricant separates readily from water to provide effective lubrication when moisture is present. In most cases, LE 1302 DUOLEC will float on top of the cutting fluid & not emulsify. When used on machine tool ways, this allows easy separation of the LE 1302 DUOLEC from the cutting fluid. It also contains non-silicone defoaming additives which will not be removed during oil filtration. LE 1302 DUOLEC also meets the performance specifications for the Cincinnati Machine P-47 amongst several other specifications.


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