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October 19, 2007

  • Dirty Little Secrets????
  • PetroLiance Completes First Acquisition
  • Maxum Petroleum Files S-1

  • Dirty Little Secrets????

    Jobbers World received an interesting and certainly concerning letter today. The letter, which although anonymous, is said to be authored by a "concerned" Jobber. According to the contents of the letter, it likely went to many lubricant jobbers in the business. And from what we are hearing, it has created quite a stir.

    Whereas Jobbers World typically does not publish anonymous letters, we are making an exception in this case due to significance of this letter should the allegation presented be true. Since the author of the letter did not identify who they are, in fairness to the companies mentioned in the letter, we blacked out their names so they too could not be identified.

    Read on by clicking the link to the letter below and let Jobbers World know what you think. Contact me at tom_glenn@petrotrends.com, or call 732-494-0405.

    PetroLiance Completes First Acquisition

    PetroLiance LLC, which was formed last year through the consolidation of four of the nation's largest ExxonMobil distributors, has completed its first acquisition. The company today announced it has purchased the assets of Columbus-based AV Lubricants Inc., effective Sept. 1, 2007.

    AV Lubricants is a leading provider of lubricants to the aviation industry and to mining operations in Ohio, Kentucky and neighboring states. According to PetroLiance, AV Lubricants is one of the most successful companies in its field and that is why it was instrumental to PetroLiance LLC to acquire this innovative and rapidly growing company. The acquisition has expanded the PetroLiance family.

    The acquisition will benefit the customers and employees of both PetroLiance and AV Lubricants, says PetroLiance CEO Kevin McCarter. "AV Lubricants is a strong, well-run company that is widely recognized for its excellent service and technical support," McCarter said. "Their expertise in several key specialized off-road lubricants markets will greatly benefit the PetroLiance organization."

    "We are delighted and enthusiastic to become part of the PetroLiance team," adds George Morrison, AV Lubricants' founder and CEO. "PetroLiance's significant resources will benefit our customers and employees, while we will be able to contribute valuable technical expertise and other strengths to the organization. It truly is a synergistic combination."

    Morrison will assume a leadership role in PetroLiance's sales and technical service. A published author with expertise in fuel, filtration and additives, he is recognized as a Certified Lubrication Specialist by the Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers. AV Lubricants has also pioneered a number of marketing innovations including advances in the use of online ordering and support.

    "George Morrison's personal expertise, and the strength of the entire AV Lubricants organization, made this an ideal company for our first acquisition," notes McCarter. "We are enthusiastic about the opportunity to support those strengths by applying the significant resources of the PetroLiance organization."

    PetroLiance has major facilities in Columbus, Ohio, the headquarters of AV Lubricants. It was an additional value-added benefit that further enhanced the synergy of the acquisition. "To complete our first acquisition so smoothly and successfully is very encouraging." McCarter adds, "It establishes a very positive model for future transactions."

    Maxum Petroleum Files S-1

    For those that have not yet heard, Maxum Petroleum Holdings filed an S-1 with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on August 13, 2007. And if you take the time to read it, it becomes clear that Maxum is likely the largest lubricant marketer in the US.

    Maxum Petroleum Holdings Inc. said it has filed Form S-1 with SEC for its proposed initial public offering. The company has planned to offer $400 million shares of its common stock.

    Maxum Petroleum, Inc., based in Greenwich, CT, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of SPI Petroleum LLC, an acquisition vehicle formed in 2004 by three leading private equity firms, Northwest Capital Appreciation, Inc., Waud Capital, LLC, and RBC Capital Partners (through Cadent Energy Partners) to consolidate the fragmented commercial fuel and lubricant distribution industry. To date, Maxum Petroleum or its affiliates have acquired eight fuel and lubricant marketers, including Simons Petroleum, Trevco, Hartney, Pecos (including its General Petroleum and Rainier Petroleum subsidiaries), Canyon State Oil and Petroleum Products. Simultaneous with this acquisition, Maxum increased its credit facilities (co-led by PNC Bank, National Association and JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A.) to over $400 million.

    The S-1 is a good read and it can be accessed a number of ways, including EDGAR Online, and SECinfo.com


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