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May 22, 2007

This year Jobbers World is making a complimentary copy of its publication available to a wide range of industry stakeholders. Well the good news for those that don't currently subscribe is that this is the time of the year we do it, and this month's issue is packed with hot insights and information. And not to worry if you already subscribe to Jobbers World, this is a complimentary copy to you as well. You will still receive hard copy of this issue in the mail along with the 12 other issues you subscribed to.

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    The lead story, "Study Reveals Major Differences" is a must read for everyone who is anyone in the lubricants business. It provides insight into a recently completed study by Petroleum Trends International (PTI) that ranks and rates major lubricant suppliers based on a survey of 178 lubricant distributors weighing in on 48 criteria they consider important to them when doing business with the majors. According to PTI's multiclient study, Lubricant Supplier-Marketer Relations, 2006, Citgo is ranked as #1, and Shell, Castrol, and Valvoline are laggards. But we suggest you read the full story, because preliminary data from this years study currently underway, Lubricant Supplier-Marketer Relations, 2007, suggest times are changing. Citgo appears to be losing ground and Valvoline is making some up.

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    Another story that should be high on your reading list in this month's issue, "It's That Time Again," speaks to the costs and benefits of alignment. As many in the industry likely know, most of the majors are pushing their marketers to neck down the number of brands they represent and ideally "align" with only their brand. You might be surprised to find out what they get in return for such a marriage.

    This month's issue also features a story by Maura Schreier-Fleming that speaks to the "$64,000 Question" of, "Who Should I Hire for Sales?" Take a read through Maura's column to find out if you should hire someone with, or without experience. And remember, whereas Maura is President of Best@Selling, she also has the honor of being Mobil Oil's first female Lubrication Engineer in the US.

    Featured in this month's issue is a new columnist, Jimmy Boling. Jimmy is a Senior Account Executive with Neace Lukens. He and his partner, Scott Young aim to put pen to paper every month in an effort to assist lubricant marketers better understand insurance issues related to their business. In this month's column Jimmy and Scott write about, "Business Auto Insurance Tips on Saving $$$$"

    And last but not least, every lubricant salesperson in the business will benefit from reading Mark Minges column titled "All Things Are Not Equal." Mark is the COO of Polaris Laboratories and one of the most respected professionals in the oil analysis business. His column pulls no punches when it speaks about making peace with a fleet maintenance manager who called his lube distributor and was furious because he felt the distributor lied about the lube's performance capabilities.


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