May 3, 2007

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  • Universal Lubricants Finds Equity Partner in Pegasus Capital Advisors
  • Parman Lubricants Enters the Fuel Business
  • ITW ROCOL North America Launches Unique Metalworking Fluid
  • Jesse Jackson Looking for Jobs With Big Oil

  • Universal Lubricants Finds Equity Partner in Pegasus Capital Advisors

    Universal Lubricants, LLC announced today that Pegasus Partners III, L.P., an affiliate of Pegasus Capital Advisors, L.P., has invested in Universal.

    "We've been looking for the right partner to help us expand our business operations in the areas of branded oil distribution and used oil collection, and we've found that in Pegasus," said Mike Maloney, CEO of Universal Lubricants. "We are committed to maintaining the same quality of products and services Universal has been known for in the lubricants industry for nearly 80 years. We are looking forward to expanding our successful business strategy into new markets. And most importantly, Universal will continue to operate under the same management."

    Management of Universal Lubricants is comprised of Mike Maloney, CEO, and Gary Cain, president. Founded in 1929, Universal markets lubricants, such as the Dyna Plex 21C line of heavy-duty lubricants, throughout the central United States. They also distribute Shell Oil Products, Baldwin Filters, Castrol Industrial Lubricants, and provide used oil and filter collection services.

    "We're pleased that Pegasus has become an investor in Universal," said Eric Gribetz, partner at Pegasus. "Pegasus has extensive industry experience in the oil and waste sectors, so we think we're a perfect match for helping Universal grow their thriving business." Pegasus is a private equity fund that currently manages over $1.4 billion in assets.

    Parman Lubricants Enters the Fuel Business

    Parman Lubricants, a large multibranded lubricant distributor based in Nashville, TN, has expanded it facility to enter the fuels business. This move comes after conclusion of a five year noncompete Parman signed when it acquired JAT Oil and Supply Inc.'s lubrication facility in 2002.

    In preparation for its debut in the fuels business, Parman installed five 30,000-gallon fuel tanks, fuel islands, and a card lock system to offer 24/7 access. In addition, Parman has nearly completed construction of a 10,000-square foot warehouse in which it will store fuel. Fuels marketed by Parman include on- and off-road diesel, and the increasingly popular biodiesel.

    In Jobbers World's view, Parman's entry into the fuels business is a sign of the times. A time when lubricant marketers must look to expand, not only through organic growth, but also through acquisitions, and synergistically broadening their product offerings.

    Parman is a Chevron Signature Class Marketer. In addition to marketing Chevron and Texaco lubricants, Parman also handles Castrol, Kendall, Shell, Pennzoil, and Houghton.

    ITW ROCOL North America Launches Unique Metalworking Fluid

    ITW ROCOL North America launches Accu-Lube LB-2000FM, a unique metalworking lubricant specifically designed to meet the needs of the Food and Medical Industry.

    Accu-Lube LB-2000FM is a natural, environmentally safe metalworking oil recommended for use in Medical applications requiring machining, drilling, and tapping small diameter. It is also excellent for sawing of solids up to 6" in diameter as well as tubing almost any size.

    According to ITW, Accu-Lube LB-2000FM's unique, natural-based formula provides the highest level of lubricity to the cutting edge of any tool. Since it is consumed in the cutting process, the need for clean up and disposal are virtually eliminated. Some of the other benefits of Accu-Lube LB-2000FM are:

    Environmentally friendly, non-toxic and biodegradable for safer working conditions. Eliminates flood coolant and enables long term cost savings. Provides longer tool life. Safe for use on all metals. Meets guidelines specified by the FDA in 21 CFR 178.3570 for incidental food contact

    Jesse Jackson Looking for Jobs With Big Oil

    Rev. Jesse Jackson made news last week when he announced that his organization will target Big Oil in a an effort to create more jobs for women and minorities in the industry.

    His strategy is simple (if you have a few bucks). He says members of his Rainbow PUSH Coalition will buy stock in 20 of the world's largest energy companies. As investors, the group will then seek to make changes by attending annual shareholder meetings and letting their voices be heard.


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