February 27, 2007

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  • Galaxy Associates, Inc. Acquires ICS
  • Dick Clark Moves to D-A Lubricants

  • Galaxy Associates, Inc. Acquires ICS

    Bill Oeters, President, and Mel Fisher, Chairman of the Board of Galaxy Associates, Inc.—manufacturers of high quality industrial chemical products and services to the general manufacturing industry—announce today that it has acquired Innovative Chemical Solutions (ICS) of Chelsea, Michigan. ICS offers customized metalworking coolants, cleaners, rust preventives and stamping & drawing compounds.

    Terms of the agreement—effective February 27, 2007— are not being disclosed. Jim Cramer, ICS President and CEO, will become Vice-President of Galaxy Associates, Inc. All ICS manufacturing operations and ICS personnel will remain in Chelsea.

    “This acquisition means that we now have the ability to accommodate all of our customers’ chemical product needs with quality-infused, state-of-the-art formulations in a custom, focused, fluid management program,” said Oeters. “Outstanding customer service, rapid response, and commitment to offer our customers sustainable solutions to their manufacturing challenges have been the guiding philosophies of both Galaxy Associates, Inc. and ICS— and will remain our top priority in our business practice standards as our two companies effectively become one.”

    Dick Clark Moves to D-A Lubricants

    No we are not talking about the host of the long-running television show American Bandstand. Even better, this Dick Clark is the one that many of us in the industry have known and grown to respect as one of the best technical gurus in the business. As some of you may know, this Dick Clark has a rich history in the lubricants business, including 30 years with Unocal and 4 years with the American Petroleum Institute (API).

    Dick is now the Technical manager for D-A Lubricants Company. D-A Lubricants, located in Indianapolis, IN is one of the larger independent lubricant manufactures in the business. Dick will cover 14 states in the Mid-west and support both D-A Lubricants' field sales staff and its customers.

    We wish Dick well in his new position.


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