October 2, 2006

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  • Chevron’s DeloŽ Advantage Selected by Penske Truck Leasing as Sole North American Lubricant Supplier
  • Add CITGO to the List of Postponed Increases
  • Prices - Letter to the Editor

  • Chevron’s DeloŽ Advantage Selected by Penske Truck Leasing as Sole North American Lubricant Supplier

    Chevron Products Company announced today that Penske Truck Leasing selected the company as its sole North American lubricant supplier. Penske Truck Leasing, one of the largest transportation services companies, will entrust the lubrication needs of over 200,000 class 6-8 trucks, operating in North America, to the Chevron Delo brand. Penske Truck Leasing will use members of the Chevron Delo product family, including its flagship DeloŽ 400 Multigrade SAE 15W- 40 engine oil.

    “We feel privileged and honored to be selected as Penske Truck Leasing’s lubrication supplier,” commented Tony Arado, Chevron’s manager of commercial and industrial direct sales. “We believe our lubrication technology and product performance can help improve Penske’s already impressive results regarding equipment life, uptime and profitability.”

    Under the agreement, Chevron will provide Delo lubricants, solutions and market knowledge to over 700 Penske Truck Leasing locations across North America.

    “We considered many factors in selecting Chevron as our lubricants supplier,” said Marc Althen, Senior Vice President, Administration & Facilities, Penske Truck Leasing. “We needed a supplier that has proven the quality of its products on the road and the ability to provide exceptional service levels. We also sought a supplier with expertise related to the complicated issues surrounding the new emissions regulations.”

    “Penske makes this choice at a time when the transportation industry is looking to suppliers for added value in the form of reduced operating costs and expert consultancy - Chevron people and products have a long history and proven track record of helping customers successfully address their fleet maintenance goals and objectives,” stated Mike Dargento, global commercial sector manager for Chevron.

    Add CITGO to the List of Postponed Increases

    First it was Chevron and ConocoPhillips, now it's CITGO. CITGO advised its marketers late last Friday that the price increase it had announced on September 8, 2006 (to be effective October 30, 2006), has been deferred.

    The reason for the deferral was said to be "significant changes in market conditions."

    We are living in interesting times.

    Prices - Letter to the Editor

    I read your tongue-in-cheek column in last week's Jobbers World about the price of crude going down, whilst the price of lubes are going up. I don't work for a petroleum company, however I do work for a lubricants company. Although it may seem obvious that crude oil prices are linked to lubricant prices, there are other major contributors to fluctuations in price.


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