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  • CALLING ALL LUBRICANT MARKETERS! Some Majors want to know what you really think...
  • Don't Forget Chevron - Price Increase
  • The majors are not the only ones forced to raise prices
  • ConocoPhillips - The Dollars are in the Detail
  • Delo Bike Sweepstakes Thunders Across America

  • CALLING ALL LUBRICANT MARKETERS! Some Majors want to know what you really think...

    Ever wonder what lubricant marketers really think about the majors? Have you ever wished you had an opportunity to tell the majors how you really feel about their programs and practices without fear of retribution and reprisal?

    Well now is your chance! Some of the majors want to know what you really think. They want to know how they really rank and rate in comparision to other suppliers. They want to know becuase they want to improve how they do business with you. To get answers they subscribed to Petroleum Trends International’s (the Publishers of Jobbers World), report, The First Annual Industrial Report Card on Major Lubricant Suppliers in The U.S. Market, 2005. This report is based on Jobbers World’s comprehensive survey and analysis of how lubricant marketers rank and rate major manufacturers of lubricants in terms of their products, sales, programs, pricing, technical and customer service, added-value services, and other key areas of their business activities. The majors that subscribed to the report really want to know what you think; unfiltered, unfettered, and unbiased. Now is your chance to tell them!

    Tell them what you think knowing that your voice will be combined with the collective voices of other lubricant marketers and that your anonymity will be assured by the publishers of Jobbers World. It will take about ten minutes to complete the easy-to-answer survey.

    Jobbers World magazine will collate and analyze the responses of you and your colleagues and produce a summary report for every lubricant marketer who participates. You'll have exclusive access to our summary report, which will help you assess how your supplier compares to other majors.


    Don't Forget Chevron - Price Increase

    Yep.. although a little slower than the others to announce a price increase, Chevron did it too. On February 7th they announced the price of their commercial and industrial lubricants and consumer automotive lubricants will increase by 4 to 8%. These increases which are due to take effect March 15, 2006 are said to be necessary due to the higher cost for crude, VGO, base oil, and additives.

    The majors are not the only ones forced to raise prices

    Warren Oil Company, Inc., the parent company of Warren-Unilube, INC., announced a price increases of $0.28 per gallon on bulk, effective March 1st, and $0.32 per gallon on conventional packaged lubricants, effective March 15th. Warren is arguably the largest privately owned lubricant manufacturers in the country. The firm owns and operates six manufacturing and packaging facilities strategically located to serve customers nationwide.

    Warren Oil Company manufacturers and packages lubricants under several proprietary trademarks; e.g., Warren, Lubriguard, Autoguard, Itasca and Saxon. Additionally, Warren manufacturers and packages automotive, truck and small engine lubricants for several nationally known corporations and exports to more than 20 different countries

    ConocoPhillips - The Dollars are in the Detail

    As noted in the previous issue of Jobbers World’s Online News Briefs, on February 3rd ConocoPhillips announced it would raise prices for all its finished lubricants by approximately 4 to 8% effective March 1, 2006. According to word now on the street the details of this increase include a $0.30 a gallon increase in the price of conventional and synthetic blend engine oil. Synthetic engine oil and synthetic industrial lubricants will be bumped up by $0.50 a gallon.

    Interestingly, ConocoPhillips is also reportedly moving its white oil and food machinery oil prices up by $0.30 a gallon. It will be interesting to see how this increase plays out in light of the fact that Petro- Canada incurred a disruption in its production of white oils. Because of this and other industry issues, some marketers are reportedly saying food machinery lubricant supply is tight.

    Delo Bike Sweepstakes Thunders Across America

    In 2006, The Delo brand will thunder down the highways of America, on just two wheels, as part of the Delo Bike sweepstakes. The brand known for delivering performance in the trucking, agriculture and construction markets, will introduce one lucky winner to performance of a different kind; a custom-made, 1700cc Frontier from Thunder Mountain Motorcycles, valued at $45,000. This state-of-the-art touring machine includes an eye-catching custom Delo paint scheme.

    “We are temporarily turning our attention from eighteen wheels to two in an attempt to thank the markets that have been so good to us,” said Nicole Fujishige, lubricants marketing manager, Chevron Products Company. “The reliability offered by Delo products allows our customers to enjoy one of their most precious commodities, their personal time. The Delo Bike sweepstakes will give one lucky winner a great way to enjoy that time.”

    The Delo Bike sweepstakes kicks off February 9, 2006 and runs through November 1, 2006.

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