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In this Issue of Jobbers World Online News Briefs
  • More price increases
  • Initial Assessment of "Hurricane Katrina's" Impact on Lubes
  • Streicher Mobile Fueling Inc. announced its acquisition of H&W Petroleum Co.
  • LUBRICANT DAY AT THE POC - Don't Miss it!
  • PTI Launches New Study Ranking and Rating the Majors
  • New Products Introductions

  • More price increases

    Shell advised its marketers yesterday that effective immediately (September 13th) all of its branded and private label antifreeze will increase by $0.35 a gallon. This includes both concentrate and diluted product. Effective October 17, prices for Shell, Pennzoil, and Wolf’s Head lubricants will increase 4 percent to 7 percent.

    Shell was not the only one to increase the price of antifreeze. According to a number of marketers, Old World Industries (makers of Peak Antifreeze) just announced a price increase of $0.70 a gallon.

    Initial Assessment of "Hurricane Katrina's" Impact on Lubes

    As detailed in the September print version of Jobbers World, a number of lubricant marketers have been significantly impacted by Hurricane Katrina. Some for example lost power and communications; others reportedly suffered significant property damage. But most Jobbers World recently surveyed say they are now back in operations. Retif’s fuel trucks for example can now be seen making deliveries in the area. Although Smitty’s had to run on an emergency generator for close to a week, they too are now fully operational.

    Streicher Mobile Fueling Inc. announced its acquisition of H&W Petroleum Co.

    On September 9th, Streicher Mobile Fueling (SMF) Inc. agreed to acquire all the outstanding stock of H&W Petroleum Co Inc . H&W Petroleum is a wholesaler of lubricants, fuels and petroleum products, and one of ExxonMobil’s largest lubricant distributors in the U.S. The deal includes SMF agreeing to pay H&W $6.3 million in cash, the assumption of an undisclosed amount in liabilities, debt and an undisclosed amount in profit related payments.

    H&W sells an estimated 8 million gallons of lubricant a year and generated sales of nearly $54 million in 2004.  This revenue does not include the $2.6 million in revenue from H&W’s recent acquisition of Harkrider Distributing Co. Harking distributes dry cleaning solvents, chemicals and petroleum products. The combined revenue amounts to nearly two-thirds of Streicher's $90 million in annual sales last year.

    LUBRICANT DAY AT THE POC - Don't Miss it!

    On September 19, 2005, Petroleum Trends Intl. (publishers of Jobbers World) and the POC have teamed up to present one of the most important lubricant sessions of the year. It's a must -attend event for all lubricant marketers, manufacturers and suppliers to each in North America.

    TO ATTEND THE LUBRICANT SESSION Call KIM BASSETT at 916-646-5980. Or to SECURE a BOOTH AT THE SHOW, CONTACT: Robin Rinehart Sales, Marketing and Conference Manager 916-646-5980

    PTI Launches New Study Ranking and Rating the Majors

    Petroleum Trends International, Inc. (PTI) introduces The First Industrial Report Card on Major Lubricant Suppliers in the U.S. Market, 2005.

    According to PTI, this two-volume report is a comprehensive survey and comparative analysis of how lubricant marketers and end-users rank and rate major manufacturers of lubricants in terms of their products, pricing, salesmanship, support, sales and marketing, technical and customer service, value- added services, supply logistics, conflict resolution, distributor relations, and a number of other key areas of their business activity.

    Specifically this report will rank and rate, and contrast and compare both the lubricant marketer’s and end-user’s perceptions about AGIP, American Refining Group, BP Castrol, Chevron, CITGO, ConocoPhillips, Elf, ExxonMobil, Petro-Canada, Shell-PQS, Valvoline, and other lubricant manufacturers deemed important by marketers and end-users.

    For more information, or to subscribe; contact Petroleum Trends International, Inc. at 732-494- 0405.

    New Products Introductions

    ExxonMobil announced the introduction of its Mobilgrease(TM) FM 220 series, a new line of high- performance, multi-purpose greases for food and beverage processing equipment that delivers enhanced protection against a wide range of load, speed, temperature and environmental conditions.

    ConocoPhillips Company announced the introduction of 76 Triton® SynLube LDO, the most recent addition to the supplier’s comprehensive line of long-life gear lubricants.  The newest long-drain gear lubricant was developed to provide extended drain intervals in heavy-duty axles, meeting a growing demand for high-quality lubricant products that enhance the longevity of gear sets, announced Reginald Dias, director, commercial products, ConocoPhillips Lubricants.

    ConocoPhillips Company announced the introduction of Kendall Super Three Star® Synthetic Gear Lubricant, a new, fully synthetic long-drain gear oil for extended-drain service in line-haul truck and other commercial axles with hypoid gear sets.  This high quality gear oil, available in two viscosity grades, 75W-90 and 80W-140, is specially formulated to provide long service life and extended gear life in automotive differentials operating under varying conditions of speed, load, temperature, and torque, announced Reginald Dias, director, commercial products, ConocoPhillips Lubricants.

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