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    January 2005

    ARG Offers a 'Major' Difference

    When people talk about the "majors" you typically hear the names of ExxonMobil, ChevronTexaco, Shell- PQS, CITGO, ConocoPhillips, Valvoline, Castrol, and Sunoco. Technically, these are called the majors because they are fully integrated with refinery and blending assets that produce base stocks through to lubricants.

    But by this definition, there is another major in the U.S. market, and from what Jobbers World has been hearing, it's a major that lubricant marketers are saying some very good things about. It's also a major that some marketers feel offers an excellent alternative to the "other majors." The major they are speaking about is American Refining Group, Inc. (ARG), and the major differences are in its people, programs and position in the market.

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    'Lube Buyer News'
    Free Listing!

    Petroleum Trends International announces the launch of Lube Buyer News. According to Thomas F. Glenn, president of Petroleum Trends Intl., this is a no- nonsense publication designed to assist lubricant end users to buy smarter and buy better.

    In addition to the print copy of Lube Buyer News, there is an online Lube Buyer News portal (www.lubebuyer.com) . A key feature of the portal is an online directory of lubricant suppliers. In advance of the first issue's publication, lubricant marketers will have a limited time opportunity to be listed in the directory at no charge. IT'S FREE!

    The premier issue of the Lube Buyer News will be published next month. According to Glenn, it will initially be distributed to roughly 10,000 select lubricant buyers in the U.S. market, including on- and off-road commercial fleet operators, industrial lubricant end-users, metalworking shops, new-car dealers, fast-lube operators, auto parts stores, truck stop operators, and other large buyers of lubricants and coolants.

    Lube Buyer News

    ExxonMobil's Distributor Model of the Future?

    As discussed in last month's issue of Jobbers World, word on the street is that ExxonMobil is spending a good deal of its time and energy on what is being called the "Distributor Model of the Future," or DMF. It's not necessarily a new model. Instead, it's a model reportedly patterned on the dealer and distributor models used by Caterpillar and Anheuser- Busch to roll-up and leverage greater control over their fragmented and inefficient distribution networks. These models share a common thread in that they are about building a highly efficient and cost effective distribution system comprised of exclusive dealers/distributors dedicated to a single brand.

    Although not without pain, this model worked well for Caterpillar and Anheuser-Busch. It is a proven model for success. Subscribe to Jobbers World to find out more and explore how this model might fit with lubricant distributors in the U.S. market.

    Finding the Green in Recycled Coolant

    An estimated 2 billion pounds of antifreeze/coolant concentrate was manufactured in North America in 2004. Nearly 80% of the total was aftermarket product used in the cooling systems of cars and trucks. The price of this aftermarket coolant ramped up sharply in 2004 and is now approaching $10.00 a gallon at the retail level. As discussed in the November issue of Jobbers World, the primary reason for the increase is robust demand for ethylene glycol (EG) in the Asian textile market and a reduction in global refining capacity. The result of these opposing forces continues to be a very tight supply of ethylene and propylene glycol and inflated prices for coolant, which is nearly 95% glycol. Although lubricant marketers usually have little choice but to pay the higher price for coolant and pass the increases on to their customers, they do have one option that can help them soften the blow, and even capture a competitive edge. That option is to bring recycled coolant into their product line.

    Hear what the experts have to say about how marketers can save money and avoid the pitfalls with recycled coolants.

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