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January 2012
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CMSRU Breaking News!
 And the Winner Is...

After much deliberation, we're excited to announce that the winner of our faculty e-newsletter naming contest was Robert Somer, MD, with his entry "Making the Rounds." Thank you to all who participated in this fun contest.If you have ideas for content, please email us at coopermednews@rowan.edu    

CMSRU Honored as Economic Driver

CMSRU recently received an "Economic Impact Award" from SNJ Business People. CMSRU was selected for contributing to economic growth in South Jersey, particularly job creation and efforts to reverse the trend that sees South Jersey residents spending $2 billion annually for health care in Philadelphia.Paul Katz, MD, Dean of CMSRU, accepted the award at SNJ Business People's annual event along with Ali Houshmand, PhD, Interim President of Rowan University, and John P. Sheridan, Jr., President and CEO of Cooper University Hospital. 


CMSRU Staff Provide One-On-One Math Help

CMSRU faculty and staff spent two December afternoons with our "adopted" 4th grade class at the Lanning Square Elementary School, working one-on-one to help them master some newly-learned math skills.CMSRU participants brushed up on multiplication tables before heading over to spend the afternoon."Working with the students was the highlight of my day," noted William Kocher, MD, Chairman of Biomedical Sciences at CMSRU. 


CMSRU Helps Keep Kids Warm

CMSRU faculty and staff collected and donated hundreds of hats, scarves, gloves, socks and winter coats to students at Lanning Square Elementary School this holiday season. 


"Representatives from our Camden neighborhood noted that many local children were in need of winter gear to help keep them warm at the bus stop and in the school yard," said Jocelyn Mitchell-Williams, MD, PhD, Associate Dean for Multicultural and Community Affairs at CMSRU."We were so glad for the opportunity to help the boys and girls in our neighborhood."


CMSRU Highlighted in Syndicated Newspaper article

New Jersey Press Media newspapers launched its syndicated 10-part series about the future of New Jersey with an in-depth look at what's impacting cities around the state, including Camden, Newark and Asbury Park.  The development of CMSRU and the "Eds and Meds" concept were prominently featured in the article.Paul Katz, MD, Founding Dean of CMSRU, provided the school's vision for Camden and an explanation of how medical schools can be economic drivers."We're optimistic we can get the city back on its feet," he's quoted as saying.  Click HERE to read the full article.  

Vice Dean Featured in Local Magazine
The December issue of SJ Magazine
features an article highlighting eight women who are making a difference in the medical field in South Jersey. Among those recognized is Annette C. Reboli, MD, CMSRU's Vice Dean. As Vice Dean, Dr. Reboli was instrumental in achieving LCME accreditation for the medical school. Click HERE to read the full article.

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Making the Rounds

Paul Katz

As we plan for 2012, it's daunting to think about how quickly 2011 has passed. It was December 10th, 2010 that we sent our 2,000+ page database to the LCME for Preliminary Accreditation! After taking a few days off for the holidays, our team began last year energized about the next 20 months preparing for the arrival of the charter class.


The activities undertaken and completed since last January are too numerous to recount here. I am proud of all that we have accomplished, and I thank you for your assistance and support. We are on time and on target for August 13, 2012 -- Orientation Day for the Class of 2016!


Best wishes for a rewarding and healthy 2012. To those who have tracked our progress and followed us on Facebook, Twitter and the Dean's Blog, I promise that the year ahead will be even more exciting than 2011 as we continue to bring CMSRU to life.

Paul Katz, MD
Founding Dean 


Highlights: Appointments & Promotion Procedures

The following list provides key information regarding Appointments and Promotions. For the full Faculty Appointments and Promotions policy, and the required application forms, please click HERE.

  • Promotion is based upon demonstrated proficiency in teaching effectiveness, scholarly activity, clinical service (if applicable), contribution to the medical school, hospital, and university community, and contribution to the wider and professional community. Promotion is neither automatic nor the result of seniority. At each professional rank, there are required qualifications and expectations.
  • For full-time faculty, there are four ranks: instructor, assistant professor, associate professor, and professor. 
  • All ranks above instructor must be presented and approved by the CMSRU Appointments and Promotions Committee. All applications must go through the departmental committee first.
  • CMSRU recognizes four faculty designations: academic educator, academic investigator, clinician educator, and clinician investigator. Academic educator and academic investigator refer to basic scientists who spend the majority of their time teaching or performing research, respectively. Clinician educator and clinician investigator refer to physicians who spend the majority of their time in the clinical care of patients and teaching or performing research, respectively.
  • The CMSRU Appointments and Promotions Committee will begin processing appointments and promotions in January 2012.  
Admissions Update  

To date, CMSRU has received 2,884 applications via AMCAS for the 50 seats in our inaugural class.  Of the 310 applicants selected to participate in our interview process, 189 have completed their interviews. The Admissions Committee has offered acceptances to 51 of those candidates (note: most schools accept 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 of the class size).The average GPA of those accepted is 3.66 and the MCAT is over 30. Interviews will continue through March 9, 2012.


The Standardized Patient segment of the interview process has been well received. So far, 378 standardized patient experiences were completed. "This unique element is further enhancing our ability to find candidates who are the best match for our school," says John McGeehan, MD, Assistant Dean of Admissions.


Dr. McGeehean also notes that the involvement of CMSRU's clinical faculty in the interview process has been exceptional. "I'm grateful for the time and attention everyone has given to this and look forward to introducing our students in August 2012." 


Construction Update   


As we begin 2012, we can see the tremendous progress that has been made on our new medical education building in the past year. It has truly taken shape - and actually looks like the renderings that we all see on banners and on the website!


The curtain wall (glass) across the side on Broadway is complete, as are the brick walls.We have finally enclosed the building, so it is almost entirely watertight, and ready for temporary climate control - which will allow us to move forward with drywall and finishes that are sensitive to temperature and humidity fluctuations. Work continues on the interior elevators, although the temporary hoist is still in place for now.


The auditorium continues to move forward, and scaffolding fills the space that will, in the future, be filled with students and faculty. The twenty-five active learning rooms are taking shape - they seem huge now, but will soon be filled with furniture and technology to support our students and our curriculum.


Within the next several weeks, work will begin on the "green roof" above the second floor along Broadway.More to come on this topic soon!  


Focus on Faculty:
Charlene Williams, PhD  


Charlene J. Williams, PhD, has joined the Department of Biomedical Sciences at CMSRU.  Prior to her appointment, Dr. Williams was professor of Medicine and Biochemistry/Molecular Biology at Thomas Jefferson University. An educator of both medical and graduate students, she received the Dean's Award for Excellence in Education in 2010. Dr. Williams served on numerous committees of the Jefferson Medical College, and was an active member of the College of Graduate Studies, Master's in Biomedical Science program.


Dr. Williams' research interests are in the area of rheumatic diseases. She has authored over 70 scientific publications and has contributed 10 book chapters to various volumes devoted to rheumatic diseases.  She has received numerous NIH and private research grants, and in 2005, was awarded the Stewart J. McCracken Award for Achievement in Rheumatology Research by the national Arthritis Foundation. An international leader in her field, Dr. Williams has served on numerous NIH grant review committees and has presented the results of her research at many professional and scientific meetings, including this year's annual meeting of the American College of Rheumatology.  Dr. Williams was named a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) in 2010.


Dr. Williams received her PhD in Biochemistry from Rutgers University and served as a National Research Service Award post-doctoral fellow from 1983-1985. At CMSRU, she will utilize her teaching talents to educate medical students in Biochemistry. Dr. Williams will function as the CMSRU representative to the Rowan University Senate.

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Core values include a commitment to diversity, personal mentorship, professionalism, collaboration and mutual respect, civic responsibility, patient advocacy and lifelong learning. 
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