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Shvat 5772February 2012
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Upcoming Events

High Tea & Torah:
 Fuel for the Stomach & Food for the Soul


Dr. Esther Shkop will present 
"Fabric & Feeling in Megillat Esther"


Wed.Feb. 29, 11:30am 
Shallots Bistro
7016 Carpenter Rd Skokie


Couvert: $18 
RSVP 773-973-0241


 Click here to view flyer


Blitstein Institute 
invites you to a magnificent evening at
Alhambra Palace
1240 W.Randolph St

Please join us for a Tribute to Mrs. Philip (Rebecca) Esformes
Recipient of the Avigayil Award 

Sun. Mar. 25
5:30pm Dinner & Tribute
7:30pm Game Show Entertainment & Silent Auction

RSVP 773-973-0241 

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Student Government is planning a skiing trip to Wilmot, Wisconsin on Sunday, February 26. Skiing lessons are planned.



On March 5, Rachel Zimmerman will speak in the Library to students in Education and the Health Fields on Mandated Reporting of  Abuse  



Recent Events:


Students enjoyed a variety of delicious fruits in celebration of Tu B'shvat, in the Library. 

On February 7,  Melissa Fickling from JVS spoke to students about  networking for a job. 
Upon their return for the Spring Semester, students residing in the Student Residence have gathered together for an in-house Shabbaton with Residence Supervisors Rabbi Yosef and Keren Klein.
Rachel Zimmerman came to the Student Residence to speak to the students regarding preparing to meet the perfect partner. This event took place in the home of Keren Klein.


Once a week, Sunny Siegel provides a kickboxing class for students 

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Welcome to our February/Shvat installment of Happenings!  In this issue you will find a Purim inspired D'var Torah by a student, an article describing the Blitstein Institute Library, and current news about students and alumnae.
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Adar as Preparation for Renewal
Danielle Weisman Herbach


          Biblically, the beginning of the year is the month of Nissan, which makes Adar the last month of the Biblical year.  In Rav Shimshon Pincus's sefer on Purim, he discusses the idea of 'mishenichnas Adar marbim b'simcha.'  What is it about this particular month that evokes happiness?  Rav Pincus attempts to explain why this time of year is favorable to Klal Yisroel, such that Our Sages recommended it as a time of good portent - suggesting that even if one has a difficult legal case, it is best to adjudicate it in Adar, as the outcome will probably be favorable  (Taanis 29a).   Rav Pincus contends that a root of happiness is found in novelty.  Everyone loves something new and fresh; it catches our attention and brings pleasure; the new breaks monotony and results in a rush of excitement.   


            While Adar is the twelfth and last month of the Biblical year, it does not symbolize hischadshus (renewal), in and of itself; however, the story of Purim - which is celebrated in Adar - is replete with hischadshus.   The majority of Jews in Persia were so alienated from Torah and its observance,  that they callously participated in Achashveirosh' feast - which ostensibly celebrated the destruction of the Bet HaMikdash.  The Jews joined their gentile captors in drinking from the holy vessels looted from a vanquished Jerusalem.   As a result, it was decreed that all of the Jews in Persia would be eradicated.  Through the intervention of Mordechai and Esther, a disaffected Jewish population was rallied, and as a result of sincere teshuva, Haman's horrific decree was nullified.  Not only did the Persian Jews survive, they reaffirmed their devotion to Hashem and Torah, and recommitted to accept and adhere to the tenets of the Written and Oral Law.  Through this turnaround, hischadshus is apparent in Purim.  The excitement and happiness of Purim can thus be understood, but the question still remains for the entire month of Adar.  To answer the question, the cycle of the year and its yomim tovim needs some further exploration. 


Jews celebrate several New Years... 
  Click here for the full article. 

Blitstein Institute Branch of the  

Saul Silber Memorial Library Gets a New Look


Sarah Burnstein

Assistant to the Librarian 


        This past summer and fall, the library staff at Blitstein Institute embarked on a reorganization project to make the library more effective and in-tune with the needs of the student body and faculty. In the past, students have commented about how the library was inviting, but in reality, they rarely used it. With the goal of making the library a more intuitive, accessible, and interactive resource for students and faculty, the reorganization project was born.


The reorganization began with an analysis...   


Click here for the full article.  



Alumnae News

Please send us your news - your simchas and accomplishments - so we can share your good news with everyone.

Mazal Tov:

Recent Weddings:    

Shulamit Olstein to  Avrohom Chaim Gibber

Rivka Polsky to Hershel Kleinman

Elana Loew to Benjy Kandelman 
Tova Lichtman to Chaim Leib Rupp
Shayna Segal to Dovid Rosenberg
Rabbi Yosef & Keren Klein, Residence Supervisors, a boy

Alumnae News


Elana Loew (2008) completed a Masters in Social Work from the Jane Addams School of Social Work and is currently working at Evanston Hospital.


Rivka Polsky (2004) completed a Masters in Library Sciences at Dominican University   For two years she managed Title I Reading/Math resource program in 12 different schools: supervised over 25 Title I teachers, presented monthly professional development workshops, maintained communication with principals and parents, and collaborated with both Chicago Public Schools and counseling center to ensure the effectiveness of program.  Rivka is currently a Middle School language arts and social studies teacher at Bais Rivka.


Rochel Leah Berger (2000) 
graduated Kent Law School and is currently Assistant Corporate Council of the City of Chicago Building and License Enforcement.


Mazel tov to the following graduates who received State of Illinois teaching certification in January: 
Helen Simlovic Baruch - LBS I
Estee Elkaim - Elementary Education
Sarah Kramer - Elementary Education
Mindy Myrowitz - LBS I
Best wishes to them for great success in their professions.
Fantastic Photos from TI
Library Bulletin Board Display
TI Library Bulletin Board Display

TI Reunion with Rabbi Olstein in Israel Nov. 2011
TI Reunion with Rabbi Olstein in Israel Nov 2011

Education Students Showcasing the Book Project
Education Students Showcasing the Book Project

Education Dept. Panel of Teachers & Alumni
Education Dept. Panel of Teachers & Alumni

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