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Cheshvan 5772November 2011
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Upcoming Events

High Tea & Torah:

 Fuel for the Stomach & Food for the Soul


Dr. Esther Shkop will present
"And Sarah Laughed"


Wed. Nov. 16, 11:30am
Shallots Bistro
7016 Carpenter Rd Skokie


Couvert: $18
RSVP 773-973-0241


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Self Defense Class for TI students sponsored by Mrs. Joyce Ruben and Mrs. Rena Stern

Sun. Nov. 13, 1-3pm
At Fitness Defined 3942 Church St


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Blitstein Institute presents
A Sushi Making Class

Presented by Sushi Masters at Shallots Bistro followed by lunch 

Sun. December 18 at 12:00pm
7016 Carpenter Rd

Open to Men and Women.
Couvert $100 per person.
RSVP 773-973-0241

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Recent Events

Safety Seminar by the Chicago Police Department

November 1
at TI
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Don't Put Away The Sukkah Too Fast

Sarah Kramer

Senior, currently student teaching 


         Rabbi Reuven Gross is oft to remind his students that the holidays do not exist solely on-and for-their calendar date; rather, they exist primarily for every other day of the year. For example, the purpose of Rosh HaShanah is not for us to recognize the Kingship of the Almighty on the 1st and 2nd of Tishrei; rather, we must internalize this awareness and live a more elevated and purposeful existence throughout the remainder of the year. Accordingly, the thematic process that spans the Yomim Noraim must influence us throughout all 12 months.


         On Rosh Hashanah, we proclaim Hashem as King over the world and over all His creations. The prerequisite to this avoda, however, is that there exists "yachad shivtei Yisrael," (Devarim 33:4) unity among the Jewish people. If two ships join together, and one palace is built in the (newly formed) shared space, the palace would fall if the ships were to separate. So too, Hashem's Kingship is predicated upon the acceptance of Hashem as King over one unit: "aguda achas" (Rosh Hoshana Amida). Accordingly, on the first of the Yomim Noraim, we join together to serve Hashem in unison.

         After an intense and elevated Aseres Yimei Teshuva (in which we thematically restore and rebuild broken relationships), we enter Yom Kippur. On this holiest of days, we recall

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Health Sciences at Blitstein Institute


When you hold a seed in your hand, you do not know what will happen until that seed, with all its potential, is placed in good quality soil and given what it needs to grow and blossom. Such was the case when the Blitstein Institute initiated its Department of Natural Sciences.  Originally intended to provide general education core requirements to all undergraduates and a more extensive foundation for education majors, the seedling germinated far beyond expectations.  


As they uncovered their own intellectual potential and overcame some of the phobias regarding math and science, many Blitstein Institute undergraduates asked for more extensive study in these disciplines.  They found promising career paths and new fields in which they could find personal expression,  as well as professional opportunities which seem to be resistant to economic downturns, as well as opportunities to serve the community and be mekadesh Shem Shamayim.  Consequently, Blitstein Institute expanded its offerings in the natural sciences over the past few years,  providing prerequisites for admission to various health-related graduate study programs, including Occupational and Physical Therapy, Speech and Language Pathology, Genetic Counseling, etc. 


In 2009, a Cooperative Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program with North Park University was introduced.  All of the 12 students who have since graduated with the BSN passed the nursing board exams, and half completed the program with honors.  North Park University officials report that Blitstein Institute nursing students come in very well prepared in both liberal arts and in the science prerequisites. 


To accommodate student interest in alternate fields, such as Physician's Assistant, Pharmacy and Laboratory Sciences, HTC has approved a new major in Health Sciences.  Mrs. Victoria Weisenberg, Chairman of the Department, has assembled a strong faculty distinguished in their academic and professional backgrounds, as well as their dedication to teaching.  Plans are underway to expand and renovate the science lab at the Blitstein Institute Campus, to facilitate more advanced coursework.   


Not only have our young women found joy in science, but, in competition with products of other colleges, they have not only held their own, but excelled, winning honors along the way.


But it is more. For those who are not making a career in a science field, our course of study gives the tools to be a better consumer, wiser caregiver within a family, and bestows a sweet sense of delight about our natural world.

Initiatives to Keep Students Safe


Blitstein Institute takes the health, safety and well-being of its students, faculty and alumnae very seriously, and believes that all women need to learn the methods to deter crime, protect themselves and their families, and know how to respond in the rare cases of attack.   In response to national and local dangers that threaten the safety of Jewish institutions in general, and women in particular, Blitstein Institute has taken a series of proactive measures over the past few years to secure the campus and help its students remain safe.


A Homeland Security grant allowed the replacement of windows and fašade in 2009 as a deterrent to violent break-ins.  This measure, along with locked doors accessible only through a code provided to students and staff, an alarm system (for theft prevention) and emergency phone systems in all rooms (for easy contact with police and EMT), has reinforced campus security.  Additional lighting and an enhanced exterior camera system (identifying any individual seeking entrance to any building on campus) should improve security, particularly in the evenings and off-hours, to persons and property at the Blitstein Institute.


Blitstein Institute has for many years engaged Mrs. Lydia Karoll to teach a course in Health and Safety Education, a requirement for all Education majors, and a popular elective among all students.  In this course, Mrs. Karoll, a nursing educator, teaches students CPR, provides tips to keep themselves physically and mentally healthy and alert, and teaches young women to navigate a dangerous world while maintaining their safety and modesty.  However, more is clearly needed to address students who are not taking this course.  To that end, Blitstein Institute is offering workshops and seminars which will include all students and staff.

The Chicago Police Department hosted an on-campus training seminar for students and faculty on November 1st, guiding students in proven safety precautions to prevent or diminish criminal activity on and off campus.  Through the generosity of Blitstein Institute Board Members, Mrs. Joyce Ruben and Mrs. Rena Stern, Blitstein Institute will be offering a self-defense class to students, teaching them to forestall and resist in the unlikely event of danger to their selves or their property.
Alumnae News

Please send us your news - your simchas and accomplishments - so we can share your good news with everyone.

Mazal Tov:

Shulamit Olstein to Avraham Chaim Gibber;
Tova Lichtman to Chaim Leib Rupp  

Hila Cohen to Daniel Moalem;
Zahava Shulman to Aryeh Scheinbaum;
Naomi Kurtz to Ezra Gewirtz  

Shira (Sherman) Ruben - boy;
Michal (Brooks) Lever - son;
Jenny (Shidler) Block - daughter;
Abby (Stelza) Greene - boy;
Basya (Pollack) Moskowitz - boy


Congratulations to Shira Kirshenbaum Berliant on completing her Masters at Nova Southeastern University in Speech and Language Pathology.

Reena (Shapiro) Rabovsky completed her Master's in School Psychology at Queen's College, where she won the Academic Achievement Award. She is employed by the public school system in New York.  
Fantastic Photos from TI
Dissection of Bovine Heart in Human Anatomy & Physiology Class
Dissection of Bovine Heart in Human Anatomy & Physiology Class

Administrators from North Park University Visit Blitstein Institute
Administrators from North Park University Visit Blitstein Institute

Mae Barriff Yom Iyun during Aseret Y'Mei Teshuva High Tea and Torah
Mae Barriff Yom Iyun during Aseret Y'Mei Teshuva High Tea and Torah

Safety Meeting Nov 1 with Officer Manaois
Safety Meeting Nov 1 with Chicago Police Officer Manaois

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