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Tishrei 5772October 2011
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High Tea & Torah:

 Fuel for the Stomach & Food for the Soul


Dr. Esther Shkop will present "Voices from the Heart"


Wednesday Oct 5, 11:30am


Shallots Bistro
Couvert: $18
Please RSVP 773-973-0241

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Welcome to the inauguration of

Blitstein Institute Happenings!

Your link to current news and events at the College.  We hope you enjoy our initial attempt using this medium. Let us know if you have any suggestions and ideas we can incorporate into the newsletters. If you know of anyone who would like to receive Happenings! please use the link to provide their email addresses.

Blitstein Institute opened the 2011-2012 academic year with the bustle of students moving in to the Student Residence apartments, many of which have been renovated.  Residence Supervisor, Keren Klein, greeted incoming students with warmth and food, culminating in a mini Shabbaton, allowing new students living in the Student Residence to become acquainted with one another.  On Sunday, all of the newcomers went to Old Orchard to become familiar with Chicago's sites and purchase necessities for their apartments. The following week, organizing a Shabbaton for all students in the Student Residence allowed newcomers to meet and work with upper-classmen.   Shabbat culminated with Seuda Shelishit at the home of Dr. Esther Shkop, marked by zemirot and camaraderie.


Orientation was marked by placement testing, meeting department chairs and staff, and an inspirational motivational discussion of the New Year by Rabbi Moshe Schechter, Rav of Congregation Mekor Chaim, and Talmud faculty member of Hebrew Theological College.  The day culminated with boxed dinners and a Wendella Boat Tour of Chicago's skyline.  Classes went into full swing the following morning.


Over 45 students participated in a pre-Selichot  Melave Malka dinner hosted by Rabbi and Mrs. Binyamin Olstein.  The Motza'ei Shabbat program featured a moving talk by Mrs. Toby Teller, Principal of Hanna Sacks Bais Yaakov High School, followed by Selichot in the Bais Midrash of Hebrew Theological College. 

On Tuesday evening, September 27, in an evening of "Inspiration and Insight," the Rosh HaYeshiva, Rabbi Avraham Friedman, inspired students with a speech about the Days of Awe, followed by Hatarat Nedarim for all students and women of the community.

We hope you draw inspiration from the following d'var Torah, written by Rabbi Binyamin Olstein,  Menahel Ruchani.

תפילה לשפע ברכה והצלחה
ראש השנה תשע"ב
 הרב בנימין אולשטין

Prayer for Abundance, Blessing, and Success
Rabbi Binyamin Olstein, Menahel Ruchani

Our title is inspired from the selection on
"וידוי מעשר" - which enjoins us to recite a declaration upon bringing the required gifts of תרומות ומעשרות
to be distributed to the Leviim, to the strangers, the orphans and the widows amongst us.  In this declaration, we dare demand of Hashem to look down upon us favorably, and shower us with blessings.

 Click here for the full article. 

Alumnae News

Please send us your news - your simchas and accomplishments - so we can share your good news with everyone.

Mazal Tov:

Sorah Yehudis Stern to Zrili Klein,  Pessy Kutner to Nosson Raiz, Naomi Kurtz to Ezra Gewirtz, Chana Malka Polstein to Yaakov Aryeh Schultz, Elana Loew to Benji Kandelman, Chani Feit to Binyamin Schwartz, Zehava Shulman to Aryeh Scheinbaum, Rivka Polsky to Herschel Kleinman.


Rochie Dachs to Binyamin Whitehouse, Helen Smilovic to David Baruch, Sima Purdy to Yossi White, Miriam Peysin to Ben Cotlar, Livsha Tsetlin to David Weissman, Danielle Weissman to Jacob Herbach, Tzippy Feit to Chaim Gluck, Gavriella Friedman to Pesach Klibanow, Shifra Samber to Idan Sher, Frumi Kacev to Chaim Tzvi Weg, Elisheva Weisel and Josh Goldberg, Alexandra Kurtz to Tzvi Cohen, Michal Shenkman to Aryeh Leib Deutsch, Esther Feigenbaum to Yitzchok Shpuk.

Racheli (Shkop) Rosenbaum - a daughter;  
Tammy (Lipshitz) Lev - a son; 
Shoshana (Blaustein) Richmond - a son;
Shanie (Simon) Kroker - a son;
Sara Ireland Cooperman - a son. 


Congratulations to BSN graduates: Zehava Shulman, Tammy Lev and Sorale Grinblatt on their induction to Sigma Theta Tau, the Nursing Honor Society.


Upon achieving her Masters of Science degree in neuroscience at NYU and continuing her research, Aliza Sloan was awarded a  one-year Fellowship for the Study of Brain Science from The Edmond and Lily Safra Center for Brain Sciences at Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

Fantastic Photos from TI
Orientation Day Boat Tour Sept 2011
Fall 2011 Orientation Day Boat Tour

R' Avraham Friedman Inspiration Sept 27, 2011
Rabbi Avraham Friedman, shlita, Rosh HaYeshiva of HTC inspires on Sept 27, 2011

Sincerely wishing you a כתיבה וחתימה טובה,
K'Tiva V'Chatima Tova!

Blitstein Institute