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About "Changing the Game" Newsletter
A Note from the President & CEO

Hello Game Changers,

I hope you each are enjoying reading about some of the amazing me & women around the sports industry as much as we are enjoying meeting new heroes & sheroes who wake up every morning pursuing their dreams.

In this issue of "Changing the Game" we hear from Olympic Gold Medalist, Benita Fitzgerald Mosley as she takes on a new role with USA Track & Field as the organization devises a plan to improve its performance in the 2012 Olympic Games being held in London.

We also caught up with a very talented Princeton grad who has already built several successful entities and an executive chef who hopes to motivate urban families/athletes to eat nutritious meals. 

We hope that you continue to enjoy our newsletter and find something new to inspire you to do great things in your own career.

Stay tuned on November 2nd as we launch, Game Changers Live, a new online radio for all of you sports enthusiasts out there.  Trust me, this will be something you'll want to tune in for on a weekly basis!

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All the best,
Angela Taylor Signature
Angela Taylor

President & CEO, NetWorks Sports Consulting


 In Their Own Words Former Athletes Succeeding in Business

In Their Own Words profiles former student-athletes who have leveraged their experiences on the field, court, and in the pool to buoy their professional careers.  They've had success in the classroom & in their sport, and now are enjoying tremendous success in various sectors around the world.

In Their Own Words with Benita Fitzgerald Mosley

Benita Fitzgerald Mosley


A native of Northern Virginia, Benita Fitzgerald Mosley has leveraged her success in the classroom (majored in Industrial Engineering at the University of Tennessee) and on the track (as a student-athlete at Tennessee in addition to being a Gold Medalist in the 1984 Summer Olympics) to launch quite an impressive career where she has had widespread influence on a global platform.


Benita has always been a leader and influential voice amongst her peers, so it wasn't a surprise that after participant on a committee aimed at assessing the current state of USA Track & Field, she was called to take the lead in helping to bring back the sport to the level of success we all had witness when she was wearing the red, white, and blue in Los Angeles back in 1984.


Her career now comes full-circle as she takes on a newly created role with USA Track & Field as Chief of Sports Performance.  A role that will undoubtedly play a huge role in the performance of the track & field team as we approach the 2012 Summer Olympics in London.



What is your current title and how long have you been in this position?
I am the Chief of Sport Performance for USA Track & Field and have been in this position with USATF for two years.


NetWorks Future Leaders - Talented Rising Stars Looking for Employment Opportunities


NetWorks is committed to supporting young professionals looking to get their foot in the door in the sports industry.  Our team has received an extraordinary amount of support throughout our careers and are truly impressed with the generation of young leaders who are ready to help take the sports industry to all new heights.  If you know of any individuals like this, please let us know about them.  If you are in a position to hire or recommend these NetWorks Future Leaders, please contact us and we will put you in touch with them.  They are our future!

Today's NetWorks Future Leader is Chris Chaney

Chris Chaney
Chris Chaney

"I was introduced to Chris Chaney nearly 8 years ago by Jamie Zaninovich (currently the Commissioner of the West Coast Conference) and have been impressed by Chris' drive, vision, knowledge, and work ethic ever since.  Chris is the consummate entrepreneur, someone who is innovative & willing to see his vision through from start to finish.  Over the years, through his leadership, he has created a number of very successful initiatives and has demonstrated why he will be an invaluable addition to lead any team to accomplishing its objectives in an effective & efficient manner.  His future is very bright.  Ten years from now, I won't be surprised to see his name listed among the leaders in the sports industry!"

        ~ Angela Taylor, President & CEO of NetWorks Sports Consulting



Name: Chris Chaney

College(s): Princeton University

Degree(s): Bachelor of Arts, Sociology



Tell us a little about your background.
I am originally from Germany and decided to come to the USA after high school to follow my dreams. I have been extremely fortunate to meet some outstanding people, friends, mentors and colleagues, in college and over the years since.

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Career Advice


NetWorks Career Advice: How to Write an Effective Cover Letter



Person on ComputerPreparing an effective cover letter is equally as important as writing your resume.  The cover letter is used to sell your resume by communicating to your potential employer how your skills and experiences are a match for the position for which you are applying.  However, preparing a poorly written cover letter is worse than not doing one at all. This post will give you a few pointers on how to make your first impression a lasting one.


Here are some cover letter Do's & Dont's:


Cover Letter Do's

  • Tailor each cover letter to a specific employer.
  • Type the cover letter in the same font as your resume.
  • Use paper that matches your resume.


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NetWorks Sports' Small BusinessProfile

The NetWorks Sports Small Business Profile is a brief vignette that provides a closer look at companies founded by individuals who have been involved in the sports industry at some point in their career. These business owners will share their journey as an entrepreneur as well as insight for those of you interested in starting your own venture.

  Athletes Chef Logo


Name: Kyle Coleman


Title: CEO & Executive Chef


Company Name: Athletes Chef, LLC


Company Website:  www.athleteschef.com


Blog/Twitter/Facebook:   www.twitter.com/AthletesChef



When did you start your company and what was your inspiration for starting it?
I started Athletes Chef in 2011. My inspiration for starting my business was to reach out to youth athletes in urban areas and their parents and introduce healthy yet affordable meal options that promote wellness and meal options that optimize sport performance.   


What's your Elevator Pitch?
Athletes Chef specializes in prepared meals for ahletes and those with dietary concerns. We provide healthy food demostrations to youth athletes, their parents, schools, organizations and adults with dietary concerns. 



More on this week's Small Business Profile...


This week's NetWorks Sports' Recommended Book is Sweetness: The Enigmatic Life of Walter Payton by Jeff Pearlman.


Sweetness CoverThis week's book review is actually a "preview" for Sweetness: The Enigmatic Life of Walter Payton, which will officially be released on October 4th.  Sweetness, written by New York Times bestselling author (and friend of NetWorks Sports Consulting) Jeff Pearlman, is sure to inspire sports fans, NFL fans, and anyone who wants to hear a story about a man, Walter Payton, who lead a legendary 
career on the field while carrying himself with so much grace.


Several books have been written chronicling Walter Payton's life.  Most focused on his career and on-field achievements.  Others dabbled into his personal life.  But Jeff Pearlman has endeavored to find out more about this mysterious man who inspired many through his thrilling runs and awe-inspiring touchdown dives throughout the course of his career.



Read the entire review of NetWorks Sports Recommend Book here...



NetWorks Sports Consulting's mission is to provide customized and comprehensive strategic consulting & marketing services that will assist every client to effectively position themselves in their respective markets with the optimal goal of helping them to accomplish their stated short-term or long-term objectives while incorporating a social component to the project.

About "Changing the Game" Newsletter

The Changing the Game Newsletter profiles minorities at various levels throughout the sports industry (high school, collegiate, professional, and international) who have impacted the sports industry through their leadership and those who have leveraged their experience as student-athletes to impact their careers & their communities.  Changing the Game is published twice every month.


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Vol 1, Issue 6

Angela Taylor

President & CEO,

NetWorks Sports Consulting

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This week's featured video is McDonald's latest spot promoting their Monopoly game with an appearance by LeBron James.
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New McDonald's Monopoly Commercial featuring LeBron James
New McDonald's Monopoly Commercial featuring LeBron James
Benita Fitzgerald Mosley

Movie - The Game

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Restaurant - PF Chang's

Quote of the Week:
"A great leader's courage to fulfill his (her) vision comes from passion, not position." 
~ John Maxwell
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Will Peyton Manning return to play during the 2011 NFL Season?

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