September 18, 2012TC-12003

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BASIS International Ltd. announces the 12.02 maintenance release of BBj® and Barista® Application Framework that addresses several customer reported issues, in particular, the BLM is now more robust when serving virtual licensesDownload and install it today from the new, cleaner and leaner BBj-powered BUI download page!


Specifically, the new updated BLM for Windows and Linux ports identifies itself as 2.01 in updatelic.log, automatically tries to update the license and restart the vendor daemon if it detects a hostid change that occurs while the BLM is running.
Hot News...
  • TechCon2013 is coming! As always, great things are on the horizon so join us in Las Vegas at the Renaissance May 13-15  and extend your stay for hands-on training with BASIS engineers May 16-17. Mark your calendar today!  
  • Chrome users rejoice! A recent upgrade to RoboHelp 10, our help system software, provides full support of HTML output in Chrome. Try it out at For example, topics with subkeys now appear in the index; test it by entering "Tab Control Notify Events" and its dropdown list of topics now display.
More Information

For more information, review the 12.02 readme, relnotes, and fixes release files.


Download this new release today. See Barista in action by trying out AddonSoftware ERP, built completely with Barista.


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