July 16, 2012TC-12002

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BASIS International Ltd. announces the 12.01 maintenance release of BBj® and Barista® Application Framework that addresses several customer reported issuesDownload and install it today from the new, cleaner and leaner BBj-powered BUI download page!
In BBj 12.0, BASIS refactored components of the product with an eye to maximizing performance and extended their effort to the database utilities.

s Stephan Knobloch, a long-time and very active BBj developer, reports -

"I just tested the improved table analysis in Enterprise Manager against our nastiest table. It took 36 or more hours before and now is done in 30 minutes (30 keys, 1.8 million records). Very good job!"


If you haven't upgraded to version 12.0 yet, review the new features and take advantage of them now.


More Information

For more information, review the 12.01 readme, relnotes, and fixes release files.


Download this new release today. See Barista in action by trying out AddonSoftware ERP, built completely with Barista.


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