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Marketing CommuniquéAMC-12001
April 30, 2012


AddonSoftware 12.0  

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Marketing CommuniquéAMC-12001


BASIS International Ltd. releases 'AddonSoftware® by Barista®' version 12.0.

A major milestone of this release is the new Bill of Materials (BOM) module. Read all about the BOM features and functions in the 12.0 release notes. In addition, BASIS included significant performance enhancements, specifically in the area of grid management. BASIS also added new debugging capabilities to Barista, including the ability to dot-step through the code and generate performance analysis of the code. By no longer SAVEPing aspects of the Barista codebase, BASIS has greatly simplified the troubleshooting of AddonSoftware and custom code in the field

AddonSoftware 12.0

DevDevelopment Features

  • New debugging capabilities in Barista have greatly simplified the troubleshooting of AddonSoftware and custom code in the field
  • New Barista-aware BASIS IDE Dialog Wizard for writing custom code
  • Query Definition System
    • Select columns available for query
    • Access data in multiple tables via joins
    • Option to define custom SQL SELECT statement for query
    • Option to add calculated and total columns
    • Option to call custom programs to filter returned data set
    • Offers the same output options as standard queries
  • Document Output System
    • New DocOut object for integration of custom BBj code to the DocOut subsystem, giving legacy code access to the multiplicity of report output types, including fax, email, Google Doc, PDF, XLS, etc.
    • New Document Processing Queue including automatic archiving of all documents

AdminAdministration Features

  • Extended language support
    • Regional language support added to existing locale capabilities ("es" for  Spanish, "es_MX" for Spanish-Mexico)
    • Preconfigured for regional translations in English-Canada (en_CA), French-Canada (fr_CA) and Spanish-Mexico (es_MX)
  • Graphical front end to the AIUW for upgrading existing AddonSoftware installations
    • Consolidates the Copy aon Directory, Update addon.syn File, and Update sync XML Files utilities, merging in data from the prior installation to preserve settings
    • Installs new copy of Barista and runs the auto-sync process
  • Auto-launch process that warns when AddonSoftware is launched from the BASIS product download location; AddonSoftware should only be launched from the BASIS product download location for demos/evals
  • New default rules files for the Barista BUS/Install Application wizards that allow more granular control for comparing and overwriting data, particularly the install_rules_bus_mod.txt file that facilitates BUS updates against a modified version of AddonSoftware

ERPERP Functionality

  • Bill of Materials (BOM) module
  • Performance enhancements, specifically in the area of grid management
  • Enhancements that allow "supplemental locks" in the Record Locks file to ensure that an AddonSoftware batch lock stays in place after the batch is created/selected, and allows an admin-level user to remove an orphaned lock; also allows more than one record to be locked at a time
  • "Hidden" menu items in the AddonSoftware menu to leverage enhancements to the Barista Security System
  • Option to print a listing of heading and detail information for a financial report; used for reference or as a worksheet for maintaining a financial report
  • Parameterized control over Totals tab in Order/Invoice Entry
  • New utility to mask credit card numbers ported from previous versions of AddonSoftware, and enhanced Cash Sale form to mask any new credit card numbers
  • Canadian French translation
  • Version 13.0 preview of Shop Floor Control, detailed in the release notes
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