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Technical CommuniquéATC-12001
March 5, 2012

BASIS International Ltd. releases AddonSoftware® by Barista® version 11.12. Highlights of this release are: 

  • Enhancements to Barista and AddonSoftware to allow "supplemental locks" in the Barista Record Locks file. This ensures that an AddonSoftware batch lock stays in place after the batch is created/selected, and allows an admin-level user to remove an orphaned lock. Also allows more than one record to be locked at a time.
  • Added "hidden" menu items to AddonSoftware menu to leverage enhancements to the Barista Security System.
  • New utility to mask credit card numbers ported from previous versions of AddonSoftware, and enhanced Cash Sale form to mask any new credit card numbers.
  • Support for Canadian French.
  • New default rules files for the Barista BUS/Install Application wizards that allow more granular control for comparing and overwriting data. In particular, the install_rules_bus_mod.txt file facilitates BUS updates against a modified version of AddonSoftware.

addon12.0 Preview Features in AddonSoftware 11.12


While this release addresses several customer reported issues, it also introduces significant 12.0 preview features including:

  • New Barista-aware BASIS IDE Dialog Wizard
  • Barista Query Definition System
  • Barista Security System Enhancements
  • New DocOut object for integration of custom BBj code to the DocOut subsystem
  • Graphical front end to the AIUW for upgrading existing AddonSoftware installations
    • Consolidates the Copy aon Directory, Update addon.syn File, and Update sync XML Files utilities, merging in data from the prior installation to preserve settings
    • Installs new copy of Barista and runs the auto-sync process
  • Prints a listing of heading and detail information for a financial report; used for reference or as a worksheet for maintaining a financial report
  • Auto-launch process that warns when Addon is launched from the BASIS product download location. Addon should only be launched from the BASIS product download location for demos/evals.
  • Introduces a preview of the 12.0 release of the Bill of Materials (BOM) module
    • Inventory Production Entry - allows input of items that are assembled or produced according to the BOM Master file
    • Order Production Entry - allows automatic selection of items from the Customer Sales Order file for Inventory Production Entry
    • BOM Packing List - used to help with assembly, quality control, and boxing of an item for shipment
    • Materials Where Used Listing - prints a list of Items and in which Bills they are referenced
    • Operation Where Used Listing - prints a list of Operation Codes and in which Bills they are referenced
    • Indented Bill of Materials Report - a listing of all levels of a Bill including the cost of Materials, Operations, and Subcontracts
    • BOM Detail Listing - Prints detail information about each Bill selected
    • BOM Masters - defines the header information about a BOM
      • Operations - allows entry of detail information about each Operation that takes place in the BOM
      • Materials - allows entry of detail information about each Item that is used in the BOM
      • Totals - allows for inquiry into the various costs associated with the BOM
      • Packing List - see BOM Packing List above
      • Delete - removes the BOM and all of its various components from the system
      • Copy Bill - allows quick duplication of a BOM to a new Bill number
      • Availability - allows entry of a quantity needed of the finished BOM, then displays the quantity available for each item used in that BOM based on requirements defined
      • Comments - allows entry of comments associated with the BOM
      • Subcontracts - allows entry of information of any outside contracting work associated with the BOM
    • Purge Obsolete Detail Lines - purges detail lines from each BOM that have an Obsolete date prior, or equal to, the Purge Date selected
    • Provides an exploded listing of BOMs including costs rolled up from the lowest level component to the highest assembly
    • Updates Inventory Master and BOM costs by first updating component costs and then using those costs to update higher levels through to the highest assembly
    • Lists linkage anomalies between material component lines and operation or subcontractor lines such as a subcontractor line linking to a comment instead of to an item
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