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The newest version of BBx is here!


BASIS International Ltd. announces the 11.12 maintenance release of BBj® and Barista® Application Framework. Check it out today from the new, cleaner and leaner BBj-powered BUI download page! Get 11.12 now.


Version 11.12 addresses several customer reported issues and includes these significant 12.0 preview features:
  • New Barista-aware BASIS IDE Dialog Wizard 
  • Regional language support added to existing locale capabilities ("es" for  Spanish, "es_MX" for Spanish-Mexico) 
  • Preconfigured for regional translations in English-Canada (en_CA), French-Canada (fr_CA) and Spanish-Mexico (es_MX)
  • Support for the latest Oracle Java 6 Update 31
  • Barista Query Definition System and Security System enhancements
  • New DocOut object for integration of custom BBj code to the DocOut subsystem
  • New SQL syntax and extended capabilities of VIEWs in SQL to leverage the full functionality of SQL queries 

NOTE: For a sneak peek at 12.0 release features currently in beta, click here to review the features and download the Development Build to test them out


12.0 Highlighted Beta Features
Available in the nightly Development Build
  • BBj now adds support for the next major Java release of 1.7 JVMs with continued BASIS support of Java 1.6 JVMs
  •  BBJasper Utility rewritten in pure BBj to fully utilize BBj's BUI functionality
  • BBjToJavaDoc Utility parses object-oriented BBj program text containing standard Javadoc comments to produce API documentation in HTML format, automatically, such as found at
  • DBMS and SysAdmin enhancements -
    • New scalar function DATEDIFF which returns the number of days between two specified dates
    • Save and load SQL queries in the EM SQL entry box
    • Set config file, working directory, and run-as user for individual triggers
    • New color icon indicators in EM's table list panel that indicates table analysis status and allows for drill-down of detailed information
    • New GET_RESULT_SET system SPROC facilitates SQL data access from a data file without the need for a data dictionary
    • Improved time required to analyze a table by orders of magnitude with significant keys
    • New scheduling feature to EM to allow for scheduling automatic running of BBj programs, system calls, replication pausing, and replication resuming
  • Enhanced BUI with more BBj features. See What's Implemented.


More Information

For more information, review the 11.12 readme, relnotes, and fixes release files.


Download this new release today. See Barista in action by trying out AddonSoftware ERP, built completely with Barista.


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