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BASIS International Ltd. announces the maintenance release of BBj® and Barista® 10.02 that addresses several customer reported issues and introduces additional 11.0 preview features. See items noted with * below.
11.0 Preview Features
  • Adds fundamental MDI support to BUI* 
  • Adds the new GEOLocation feature for Browser User Interface*
  • Adds the Database Update API to the Admin API*
  • Adds select/copy/paste capability via keyboard shortcuts in the SysWindow*
  • Adds the XCALL Server for integration with (V)PRO/5 10.00 clients
DatabaseMgmtDatabase Management
  • Adds the Database Update Wizard in Enterprise Manager
DevToolsDevelopment Tools
  • Barista Administration
    • Uses the new BBjAdmin Object API to authenticate Barista users - for improved security
    • Now shares information with BBj as user records are entered, modified, or deleted - for ease of use
    • Provides options to import existing BBj users into Barista and export Barista users to BBj - for simplified upgrades
  • Barista Inquiry System
    • Adds case-insensitive sorting as the default for all columns
    • Allows configuration of case sensitivity for column sorting and searching
    • Facilitates use of connection pooling for enhanced performance
Barista Application Framework, a powerful framework. allows developers to build a GUI application quickly by simply defining the data and its interrelationships. 
Refer to the online tutorials and documentation
to get your next GUI development project started. Barista run-time pricing is available online via your BASIS Partner Login.
SysAdminSystem Administration
  • Adds an optional Web Start Installation to facilitate streamlined deployment
More Information
Review the 10.02 readme, relnotes, and fixes files.

Download the development builds for BBj and Barista and see Barista in action by trying out AddonSoftware ERP, built completely with Barista.


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