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October 25, 2010

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BASIS International Ltd. launches a new trial partner program for their modern and revitalized AddonSoftware® ERP solution. This program delivers free tools and discounts to assist developers with evaluating and developing applications during the pre-sales cycle leading to their first AddonSoftware installation.

Developers can participate in the free AddonSoftware Trial Partner Program by simply attending the Introduction to AddonSoftware Webinar and completing two Web-based training classes; Barista Application Framework and Advanced Barista for AddonSoftwareParticipation in these events equips developers with the knowledge and skill set to turn their accounting solution prospects into satisfied customers! 

Interested? Follow these two easy steps:
   STEP 1 - Sign up
   STEP 2 - Mark your calendar to attend the required sessions

For more information, contact your account manager toll free at 800.423.1394 or by e-mail.


Nico Spence
Chairman & CEO
BASIS International Ltd.
+1.505.345.5232 Main
+1.505.938.6130 Direct
+49.(0)681.96814.73 Direct from Europe
trialAddonSoftware Trial Partner Program

Partners in this trial Program receive:
·   Discount on one registration for the 2011 AddonSoftware conference
·   Free 5-user Developer Kit valid through 2010
·   $100 credit for each hour of contribution to the Co-op Development Program* to apply on future AddonSoftware product purchases
*The Co-op Development Program, based on the concept of the open source community model, offers partners the opportunity to become involved in the creation and enhancement of the product. The program further extends the concept by remaining true to the principles of a commercial partnership by rewarding developers with product purchase credits for their contributions to the AddonSoftware product.
The Trial Partner Program ends upon purchase of the first AddonSoftware license for resale. At that time, the developer will become eligible for additional discounts and greater credit for contributions to the Co-op effort in return for their full participation in the membership fee-based AddonSoftware Partner Program.

Sign up to begin your trial and register for the Webinars!  
eventsUpcoming Events

Participation in the free AddonSoftware Trial Partner Program includes attendance at three no-charge Web-based events. Mark your calendar to attend these required Webinars:

Oct 28WebinarIntroduction to AddonSoftware
Nov 8,10,12    Training           Barista Application Framework 
Nov 18TrainingAdvanced Barista for AddonSoftware

We invite you to also attend these additional events to add knowledge and more value to your products and services, all delivered to you via the Internet!

Nov 3Java Break       Database Performance Improvements
Nov 16TrainingAdmin and Deployment
Nov 17           Java BreakIntegrating PDF Output Into Your Apps
Dec 1Java BreakBenefits of the Better b-commerce