May 9, 2011



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BASIS International Ltd. announces the much anticipated version 11 of the BASIS Product Suite in tandem with today's opening session of TechCon2011.


BBj® and Barista® Application Framework version 11 represents a giant leap forward for Business BASIC technology and indeed for the common lofty goal of many programming languages which aspire to be capable of "Write once, run anywhere."


One of the most noteworthy features in this release, among many, is database and file system replication. In addition to BBj, BASIS releases version 11 of the PRO/5® family, including Visual PRO/5®. 

Features in PRO/5 11.00 Family
  • Enabled for IPv6
  • Provides access to database and file system replication via BBj 
  • Compiled with optimized compilers
  • Delivers multi-threaded BLM for seamless license auto re-registration
Features in BBj 11.00
  • Adds new methods
  • Adds features and functions to Browser User Interface (BUI) 
    • CSS selector API for BUI
    • Ability to interact with client files
    • Client localization
    • Support for User Authentication
    • Fundamental MDI support
    • Geolocation
    • Animated progress bar during page load
  • Adds to BBjWindow object
  • Adds
    • MiniConsole modes: FLOAT, VISIBLE, ROWS, COLS
    • getBytes method to the BBjImage object
    • Ability to specify a password for BBjCpl when saving in protected format
    • Database Update API to the Admin API
    • Select/copy/paste capability via keyboard shortcuts in the SysWindow
    • XCALL Server for integration with (V)PRO/5 10.0x clients
    • LDAP API that allows developers to connect to, query, and update an LDAP server from their BBj applications
    • BBjThinClient:getUserProperty/setUserProperty methods to store/retrieve data name-value pairs to/from the client
DatabaseMgmtDatabase Management
  • Adds
    • Database and file system replication
    • SQL INSERT syntax:

      INSERT INTO <table1> SELECT * FROM <table2>

    • Triggers for KEY, KEYN, KEYP, KEYF, and KEYL file operations
    • Database Update Wizard in Enterprise Manager
    • Group and user level access permissions to database objects including tables, views, and stored procedures through SQL SELECT, UPDATE, INSERT, DELETE, etc. operations
DevToolsDevelopment Tools
  • Google Apps Integration Utilities

    • Google service user authentication
    • Document open/save dialog
    • Folder selection dialog
    • Google document API
  • Admin Utility
    • Provides user authentication
    • Validates user privileges
    • Stores user credentials in user data for re-use
  • BBJasper
    • Viewer includes ability to save reports directly to Google in various formats
    • Viewer generates event when report is saved
    • Adds more export file types
    • Provides programmatic control over default directory and report file name
  • Code completion for miscellaneous constants
  • BASIS IDE configuration allows launching of Barista-related AppBuilder applications directly in the Barista MDI
  • Barista grid editing starts automatically when user types
  • Barista grid navigation follows industry standard EnterAsTab behavior exhibited by standard Barista forms; [Enter] and [Tab] keys provide navigation from cell to cell during grid entries
  • Barista Installation Manager eliminates manual intervention after creating new Barista development project areas by automatically updating prefixes, system globals, and selected system files
  • Barista Administration
    • Uses the new BBjAdmin Object API to authenticate Barista users - for improved security
    • Now shares information with BBj as user records are entered, modified, or deleted for ease of use
    • Provides options to import existing BBj users into Barista and export Barista users to BBj for simplified upgrades
  • Barista Document Output System
    • Uses table based report column adjustment storage instead of user settings files
    • Adds ability to restore report settings to original defaults
    • Allows users to specify file names and locations for saved reports
    • Options to select and process desired output types in one step
    • Adds support for accessing GoogleDoc repositories
    • Creates native spreadsheet (.xls) output files
    • Document Inquiry provides options to display, fax and email historical documents
  • Barista Inquiry System
    • Adds case-insensitive sorting as the default for all columns
    • Allows configuration of case sensitivity for column sorting and searching
    • Facilitates use of connection pooling for enhanced performance
    • Adds option to export retrieved data directly to the Document Output System
    • Allows users to export directly to .pdf, .xls, .txt, .csv, and .xml in a single step
    • Adds copy/paste options for column names, delimiters and text identifiers
    • Adds ability to call filter programs after each fetched row
Refer to the online tutorials and documentation to get your next GUI development project started. Barista run-time pricing is available online via your BASIS Partner Login.
SysAdminSystem Administration
  • Adds replication vehicle to easily provide such tasks as

    • Database backup
    • Realtime Disaster recovery
    • Data warehousing
    • Multiple replication locations
    • Disk free space monitoring in EM
    • Ability to start BBj Services in "Admin Only Mode" which disables all servers except the Admin Server
  • Adds BUI configuration enhancements
  • Adds an optional Web Start Installation to facilitate streamlined deployment
  • Update your JVM to the latest version and benefit from these significant enhancements
    • Java 6 Update 25 features version 20.0 of the Java HotSpot Virtual Machine with improvements to overall performance and reliability; support for Internet Explorer 9, Firefox 4, and Chrome 10; improved BigDecimal
    • Java 6 Update 23 features version 19.0 of the Java HotSpot Virtual Machine with improvements to overall performance and reliability
    • Java 6 Update 18 features garbage collection improvements and updated Client JVM heap configuration; in the Client JVM, the default Java heap configuration has been modified to improve the performance of today's rich client applications; initial and maximum heap sizes are larger and settings related to generational garbage collection are better tuned.
  • Adds the ability for the interpreters used for triggers and SPROCs to be single or multi-threaded
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Review readme, relnotes, and fixes for BBj 11.00, PRO/5, Visual PRO/5.


Download the development builds for BBj and Barista and see Barista in action by trying out AddonSoftware ERP, built completely with Barista.


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