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BASIS International Ltd. announces the 11.10 maintenance release of BBj®,  Barista®, and AddonSoftware® by Barista. While these releases address several customer reported issues, they also introduce significant 12.0 preview features, including:

  • Query Definition Systems - the exciting Barista feature unveiled at TechCon2011*
  • Bill of Materials - the new AddonSoftware ERP building block module*
  • Apple Mac OS X Lion support* 

*New in this release

12.0 Preview Features in BBj 11.10
  • Adds BUI support for
    • BBjCharts - pie, line and bar chart*
    • Internet Explorer 9*
    • [Alt]+key combinations such as for the @ sign on European keyboards*
  • Optimizes performance in 
    • BUI - latest GWT 2.3 library and GZIP compression algorithm*
    • Web Start - Pack200 compression algorithm*
  • Extends SYSPRINT preview functionality to BBjForm*
  • Adds dozens of new demos to the LaunchDock*
DatabaseMgmtDatabase Management
  • Adds the ability to create/drop an index on a table's columns from the Enterprise Manager Query Analysis tab*
DevToolsDevelopment Tools
  • Enhances Barista Application Framework
    • Query Definition System
      • Select columns available for queries*
      • Ability to access data in multiple table via joins*
      • Option to define custom nested SQL SELECT statements for queries*
      • Option to add calculated and total columns*
      • Option to call custom programs to filter returned data set*
    • Callpoint System
      • Support for derived data elements for all grid types*
      • New callpoint!.setStatus(""SKIP"") method which, when in replication mode, bypasses default callpoint code*
    • Install Application Wizard now handles DEVICE lines in.syn files*
Barista Application Framework, a powerful framework, allows developers to build a GUI application quickly by simply defining the data and its interrelationships. 
SysAdminSystem Administration
  • Adds the ability to only copy changed data files in the Database Update Wizard*
  • Enhances database replication
    • Adds the ability to exclude files from any replication job*
    • Optimizes and improves file/database replication initialization*
  • Optimizes performance of remote file-opens*
  • Prevents accidental use of 1.5 or 1.7 JRE*
  • Rolls bbjservices.err, bbjservices.out and the GC log files when starting BBjServices on UNIX platforms*
AppBldgBlkApplication Building Blocks - AddonSoftware by Barista
  • Introduces a preview of the 12.0 release of the Bill of Materials module*
    • Inventory Production Entry - allows input of items that are assembled or produced according to the BOM Master file
    • Order Production Entry - allows automatic selection of items from the Customer Sales Order file for Inventory Production Entry
    • Bill of Materials Packing List - used to help with assembly, quality control, and boxing of an item for shipment
    • Materials Where Used Listing - prints a list of Items and in which Bills they are referenced
    • Operation Where Used Listing - prints a list of Operation Codes and in which Bills they are referenced
    • Indented Bill of Materials Report - a listing of all levels of a Bill including the cost of Materials, Operations, and Subcontracts
    • Bill of Materials Detail Listing - Prints detail information about each Bill selected
    • Bill of Materials Masters - defines the header information about a BOM
      • Operations - allows entry of detail information about each Operation that takes place in the BOM
      • Materials - allows entry of detail information about each Item that is used in the BOM
      • Totals - allows for inquiry into the various costs associated with the BOM
      • Packing List - see Bill of Materials Packing List above
      • Delete - removes the BOM and all of its various components from the system
      • Copy Bill - allows quick duplication of a BOM to a new Bill number
      • Availability - allows entry of a quantity needed of the finished BOM, then displays the quantity available for each item used in that BOM based on requirements defined
      • Comments - allows entry of comments associated with the BOM
      • Subcontracts - allows entry of information of any outside contracting work associated with the BOM
    • Purge Obsolete Detail Lines - purges detail lines from each BOM that have an Obsolete date prior, or equal to, the Purge Date selected
  • Adds graphical front-end to the Addon Update/Install Wizard (AUIW) for new Installations
  • Adds parameterized control over Totals tab in Order/Invoice Entry
More Information

For more information, review the 11.10 readme, relnotes, and fixes release files.


Download this new release today. See Barista in action by trying out AddonSoftware ERP, built completely with Barista.


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