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Technical CommuniquéATC-11001
February 28, 2011
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BASIS International Ltd. releases 'AddonSoftware® by Barista®' version 10.04 for BBj® version 10.04.


In addition to addressing several reported bugs, BASIS made several suggested enhancements. Highlights of this release are noted below.AddCon logo


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addonAddonSoftware 10.04   

  • New in version 10.04
    • Three new graphical reports have been added to the Accounts Receivable => Reports menu. These reports are all graphical, but each one takes a different approach, demonstrating how you can harness the power of BBj, Java, and JasperReports.
      • Graphic Sales Report by Salesperson: presents a graphical representation of sales data for a selectable period by Salesperson in 6 different graphic formats; this is a straight BBj program, arr_graphicSalesReport.aon
      • Sales Digital Dashboard: presents sales data for a selected month in several different formats by Salesperson, Customer Type and Year-to-Date sales; this program, arr_digitalDashboard.src, was created using AppBuilder
      • Drill Down Sales Report by Customer Type: presents a series of reports starting with Sales By Customer type for a selectable period. The user can click on a customer type and see the sales by customer within that customer type. Clicking on a customer drills down to a report of invoices for that customer. Clicking on an invoice drills down to the invoice line items. The reports are linked, allowing the user to move up and down the drill-down stack. The lead-in is a straight BBj program that provides for selecting the period, and all the reports are done with Jasper iReports. The lead-in program also allows the user to select data and enter the drill-down stack at a lower level. This report uses BBj Stored Procedures (SPROCS), providing a glimpse into how to work with SPROCs as well.
    • Completed BBj Trigger definition and source files to facilitate running a hybrid version of Addon Payroll; see the readme.txt in the /apps/aon/util/v6triggers/ folder for more information
    • Improved GL Financial Reports and Purchase Order Receipt Register to use DocOut formatting
    • Developer/VAR utility to increent all of the year fields in demo data; accessible only via the Form Manager => ADX_DEMOYEAR
  • Preview for version 11.00
    • The AddonSoftware Installation and Upgrade Wizard (AIUW) automates the install and upgrade process, eliminating manual copy/pasting and configuration file edits. The first three components of the AIUW were available in version 10.03. The newest member to the suite is the Copy Custom Modifications utility. All of these programs are located in the AddonSoftware Administration => Utilities => Install/Upgrade Utilities menu.
      • Copy aon Directory: Copies the aon directory from the download location to a specified new location
      • Update addon.syn File: Updates paths in the specified .syn file to reflect the new aon location and location of data files
      • Update sync XML Files: Recovers administrative data (masks, messages, sequence numbers, etc.) previously backed up into the sync directory, and updates paths in admin_modules*.xml files to the new location
      • Copy Custom Modifications: Recursively copies specified application/project file structures used to store Addon customizations in order to re-install the customizations into a new/upgraded Addon
    • Additional triggers are underway for running a Manufacturing hybrid; see the readme.txt in the /apps/aon/util/v6triggers/ folder for more information 

techconBarista 10.04 


Inherited enhancements from Barista

  • Adds code completion for many constants
  • BASIS IDE configuration allows launching of Barista related AppBuilder applications directly in the Barista MDI
  • Barista Document Output System
    • Allows users to specify file names and locations for saved reports
    • Document Inquiry provides options to display, fax and email historical document
    • Uses table based report column adjustment storage instead of user settings files
    • Adds ability to restore report settings to original defaults
  • Barista grid editing automatically starts when user types
  • Barista Inquiry System
    • Adds search delay to context sensitive search text entry to significantly improve performance
    • Allows data format configuration when copying information to clipboard

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