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Technical CommuniquéATC-10004
December 20, 2010

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BASIS International Ltd. releases 'AddonSoftware® by Barista®' version 10.03 for BBj® version 10.03. In addition to addressing several reported bugs, BASIS made several suggested enhancements. 


'AddonSoftware by Barista' is a synergistic blend of its proven, long-standing ERP solution and a modern looking and exceptionally performing rewrite. AddonSoftware continues to offer a breadth of features that are easily customizable to suit all your precise needs and preserve all your customizations through the upgrade or update cycle. 


Highlights of this release are noted below with a red *. Download this latest release today. Read more about the improvements and fixes in the supporting files.

addonNew in AddonSoftware 10.03 

  • The AddonSoftware Installation and Upgrade Wizard (AIUW) automates the install and upgrade process, eliminating manual copy/pasting and configuration file editing. The first three components of the AIUW are located in the AddonSoftware Administration Utilities menu.*
    • Copy aon directory: Copies the aon directory from the download location to a specified new location*
    • Update addon.syn File: Updates paths in the specified syn file to reflect the new location and location of data files*
    • Update sync XML Files: Recovers backed up sync files, and updates paths in admin_modules*.xml files to the new location*
  • Contains BBj Trigger definition and source files to facilitate running a hybrid version of Addon Payroll (see the readme.txt in the /apps/aon/util/v6triggers folder for more information)*
  • Adds a Copy Data from Firm to Firm utility, located in the AddonSoftware Administration Utilities menu*
  • Adds Detail Invoice Inquiry to Expresso providing the ability to drill down to the detail lines of the historical invoice
  • Adds several new drilldowns in Addon forms
    • Open Invoices from within Vendor Maintenance
    • Open Invoice Balances from within Customer Maintenance
    • Quantity On Hand, Purchase Order On Order, Work Order On Order, and Sales Order Committed quantities from within Item Warehouse Maintenance
  • Optimizes Sales Order and Invoice Entry for more robust and intuitive work flow


baristaInherited Enhancements from Barista

  • Adds code completion for many constants*
  • Barista login*
    • Allows users to specify and save connection settings and passwords for future logins*
    • Provides new arguments for passing "hidden" command line passwords when launching standalone (SDI) forms*
  • Barista grid navigation follows industry standard EnterAsTab behavior exhibited by standard Barista forms; [Enter] and [Tab] keys provide navigation from cell to cell during grid entries*
  • Barista Installation Manager eliminates manual intervention after creating new Barista development project areas by automatically updating prefixes, system globals, and selected system files*
  • Barista Administration
    • Uses the new BBjAdmin Object API to authenticate AddonSoftware users for
      improved security
    • Now shares information with BBj as user records are entered, modified, or deleted for ease of use
    • Provides options to import existing BBj users into AddonSoftware and export
      AddonSoftware users to BBj for simplified upgrades
  • Barista Inquiry System
    • Adds case-insensitive sorting as the default for all columns
    • Allows configuration of case sensitivity for column sorting and searching
    • Facilitates use of connection pooling for enhanced performance
Barista Application Framework, a powerful framework, allows developers to build a GUI application quickly by simply defining the data and its interrelationships. 

Refer to the online tutorials and documentation
 to get your next GUI development project started. Barista run-time pricing is available online via your BASIS Partner Login.


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