Installations in Winter 
Install a geothermal system throughout the winter before road limits are applied this spring. Do It Yourself or have us professionally install your system. Additionally, you can still receive the 30% federal tax credit for 2011.

Call Rick. He will explain geothermal and show you its success in Wisconsin.

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Cellphone:  (920) 716-4721 

Meter Reading

Each of our geothermal systems is hooked up to a meter. I ask our customers to call or email their meter readings around the 1st of each month to help monitor their geothermal units electric consumption. We have A LOT of people participating and we love it.


One of our favorite homeowners has kept meter readings since their goethermal installation in 2007. In 4 years, this home's 5 Ton unit with radiant floor heat has consumed an average of 585 kW each year. Multiply 585 kW by $.10 per kW, this homeowner averages $585 each year to heat, cool and suppliment their domestic hot water. 


Do You DIY? 
Relax with Geothermal HeatAlternate Energys offers you the option to DIY your geothermal installation. We will design your system, purchase your materials and provide you with instruction to install. This gives handy folks an opportunity to save $$$ on labor costs and still benefit from all the perks of geothermal.

Enjoy the constant comfortable temperatures and huge savings from buying LP or fuel oil. Geothermal has quiet operation that provides both heating and air conditioning in one unit. Geothermal equipment also outlasts furnaces, reducing your replacement costs.
A Note from Rick 
Over the deer season, I had the pleasure of escorting my 11 year old daughter, Cara, on her first gun deer hunt. My sweet ballerina dancing lass was full of excitement and anticipation to see her first deer of the season. I had been putting corn out at the stand where I planned to take her with great hopes of seeing a deer, any deer. The day after Thanksgiving we headed out early in the morning. To my surprise she took patient vigil, watching for deer. When we spotted a large doe and her fawn walking into our view, I could see Cara's face light up. "Dad, you take the shot". "No Cara, this is your opportunity. You don't have to shoot". "Okay, I'll let them go. No! I'll shoot". The fawn was her first target until in turned and then the doe presented a nice broadside view. Shaking from excitement, Cara pulled the trigger. The doe dropped. A rush of emotion came over Cara, happiness, sadness, I'm not sure and neither was she. We hooped and hollared and climbed down the tree to view her first deer. The only female in our hunting party and she is off to a great start.