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Brown County Home Expo
Date: January 19-22
Time: TBD
Location: KI Convention Center
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REMINDER - A quick reminder to remove debris like leaves from your furnaces intake and exhaust pipes outside. These are the two (2) white plastic pipes that protrude from your home. Keeping these clear is imperative so your furnace can operate to provide your home heat on chilly mornings and your furnace will operate more efficiently. It could also help you avoid a costly service call.


Brenda McCutchin 

Alternate Energys

Allergies back? 

Alternate Energys provides allergy solutions.UV lights for your heating system help destroy bacteria and mold spores. The UV light kills the allergens before they are circulated through your home when your furnace or geothermal system operates.


If your continuing to suffer from allergies in your home, give us a call. We have solutions.

Rick McCutchin
Alternate Energys Inc
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