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Ecofair 360
2016 Tax Credit
Looping Systems
Leopold Center
EcoFair 360
EcoFair 360
EcoFair 360

The 1st Annual Ecofair 360 is Friday through Sunday, July 16-18th in Elkhorn Lake, Wisconsin. Ecofair mission is "to offer as many paths, choices and teachers as possible, so that people can take the first step towards a greener tomorrow to offer as many paths, choices and teachers as possible, so that people can take the first step towards a greener tomorrow."
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US Dept of Energy
US Dept of Energy
 2016 Tax Credits
Tax credits available for alternative HVAC systems are available though December 31st, 2016. It is a 30% tax credit without an upper limit. These tax credits encompass the entire installation cost, including excavation , if required, electrical, equipment, labor, etc. Ground source heat pumps including water to water units, small wind turbines and solar heating and hot water systems (some special limits apply to solar systems) qualify. Alternate Energys is the expert in Geothermal installations in Wisconsin, hands down and provide all the forms required for this tax credit upon completion of the installation. We pamper your customers by providing the best in customer service and the best installation, bar none.
Pond Loop System Prep
Pond Loop System Prep
Alternate Energys
Looping Systems

Alternate Energys installs our own loop systems including horizontal, slinky loops and pond loops. We work with well contractors and directional borers to provide installation of vertical and directional bored systems, however, loop pressure testing, connections and all other components are still completed by our installers. We have worked with loop contractors early on and learned quickly to have a job done right is to do it yourself. Our installers are certified and one call to our office with a concern is all it takes to have qualified staff member at your doorstep.
The Aldo Leopold Center
Photo:Mark Heffron/The Kubala Washatko Architects
                                     Wisconsin's Greenest Building 
Not only does Wisconsin have an amazing green building by LEED standards, its noted as the Greenest Building in the World - The Aldo Leopold Legacy Center in Baraboo, Wisconsin...that's right - WISCONSIN!
Three one story buildings totalling 11,900 square feet, approximately 9000 of total conditioned square feet are heat and cooled by geothermal radiant systems. Conditioned air from a earth tube ventilation system helps the geothermal system be even more efficient. Project manager Greeg Tucek stated  "...the geo system is so much more efficient at what it does heating and cooling space..." compared to conventioanl systems of the past. Additionally, the project uses solar power and passive solar to contribute to its high efficiencies and LEED certification. To read more, request information from our office at (920) 532-4000.
Upcoming Association Events
Brown County Home Builders Assocation - Golf Outing
July 14th - The Woods Golf Club
Valley Home Builders Association - Golf Outing
July 15th - Ridgeway Country Club
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