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June 2010 
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Alternate Energys was established in August 2002 on the premise of excellent customer service; we want our customers to feel like one of the family. We work with you and really listen to your concerns and provide solutions. Our goal is to give accurate information based on methods and installations tried and trued. Our staff is incredibly knowledgeable.
Alternate Energys is the best in the State of Wisconsin for Geothermal,Solar Thermal, Radiant systems and so much more. It's our passion to provide the best...and you deserve the best. Our staff supports you from the beginning of your project through the end and years beyond. We know our systems will operate beautifully and efficiently and we stand behind every system we install. If the Alternate Energys label is on your piece of equipment, you will always have peace of mind.
Economics of Geothermal US Dept of Energy
Its incredible the number of opinions and myths about geothermal savings and how well it works in Wisconsin. The US Deptarment of Energy brags about geothermal's efficiency's but if your confidence in our federal government is a little lack luster, Alternate Energys has over 160 efficiently working systems in Wisconsin. Four pages of referrals can validate the government's testiment and provide you with accurate and concise savings information. We meter every system, you can see the savings for yourself.
For more information from the US Dept of Energy, click the link
Free Geothermal Unit GeoComfort Logo
GeoComfort Geothermal Systems is giving away a free geothermal system. The winner of will be announced December 1, 2010. Click on the photo to be linked to the registration site for this great offer. Browse the website for federal tax credit information, product available, use the savings calculator and many more useful resources GeoComfort has made available. Good Luck!
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Alternate Energys is on Facebook and sharing lot of great information! You will get updates for upcoming Home Shows, Energy Fairs, Job Site Photos, Links to Tax Rebates and so much more! People love to talk about their geothermal systems. Questions??? Post you question on Facebook and get great feedback from our company as well as others with information to share from their experieces.
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FREE Offer
Load calculations are required for every new home HVAC system. Alternate Energy's provides these free of charge when installing an Alternate Energys Geothermal or Geo Solar system. We appreciate your business and genuinely care about the comfort within your home. In fact, Alternate Energys calculates BTU loads for every installation, new construction and existing homes replacing their existing heating system.In addition, we provide fuel consumption cost comparisons using your utility company's current rates. Let's get together and take a look. You might be surprised! Honestly, when folks just like you review the costs of replacing their heating system with geo and take advantage of the 30% tax rebate the government is offering, most systems are being installed for about the same price as a new furnace. Here's the best part:
    geo units have very low maintanence, even easier than a furnace
    geo doesn't consume LP or Oil -so now you're not buying fuel
    the same unit provides heat, cooling and can suppliment your hot water needs
    if you have A/C, you can remove the loud unit outside of your home
There are so many advantages, money savings, comfort and environmental, it'll be easier to discuss the benefits when you call our office. Talk to you soon!
Offer Expires: Never