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Fall 2010 Newslettervolume one, issue two
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Fantastic Foliage
Please Water
Fall Tasks for Gardens & Lawns
Outstanding Outdoor Spaces
Fantastic Foliage
Fall foliage in one of our gardens
Grow Native!,
We are enjoying peak fall color now and throughout October. Thoughtful plant combinations can be breath- taking. Is your foliage as bright as it could be? If brown, droopy, curled, or spotted leaves are the features of your garden, invite us over to have a look. The plants might be diseased, need more water, have inadequate nutrition, or the wrong pH.  We can help!
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Happy Fall and welcome to our second newsletter email.
It's been a busy season with lots of weather extremes; so busy that we didn't meet our target of a monthly communication. That is again our aim for 2011 so watch this space!

Whether in person, over the phone, via email, or this newsletter, we are always here to keep you informed because we want you to enjoy healthy, beautiful gardens and outdoor spaces. And of course, we're always here to help you with whatever outdoor tasks you need help.

We envision this as a quick little publication that adds to your life. So please send us any and all comments in order to keep it that way. Enjoy!
Please Water
Dogwood needing water
Dogwood with scorched leaves and peeling bark.
This has been a challenging year: first an overly wet spring, then record-breaking summer heat, now an unseasonably hot and dry fall. Please take a walk in your garden today. If you have cracked soil, peeling bark, and brown, droopy, curled, scorched, or diseased leaves, these could all be from insufficient or uneven watering. Most plants need 1" of water weekly until frost. Garden plants, versus lawns, need to be watered deeply so the water reaches the 4-16" deep roots versus the 1" roots of turf grass. If your irrigation system has already been turned off, please water manually until frost. Your plants will be stronger over the winter and healthier in the spring because of it. If you need advice, please call us for a consultation.

Azalea lacewing damage with new growth
Azalea with lacewing damage.
Credit: Whitney Cranshaw, Colorado State University,
Regular and appropriate watering also helps control pests and diseases; we've seen many diseased boxwood and azaleas this fall. if you haven't signed up for pest and disease control as part of your maintenance plan OR you aren't on a maintenance plan with Glorious Gardens, please consider it. We can work our magic as infrequently as a few times a season up to weekly; we'll work with you to determine your gardens' needs. And we have organic options now too.
Fall Tasks for Gardens & Lawns
Fall foliage in one of our gardens
Clean-ups in the fall ...

Did you know that October and November are the
perfect time to plant trees, shrubs, and bulbs? 
Clematis and iris in spring
make a colorful spring.

We can also prepare your  garden beds for winter by
 removing dead foliage, and applying milky spore (to
control Japanese Beetles), pre-emergent, and mulch.
For your lawn, now is also the time to aerate, fertilize,
and kill weeds. And we offer all of these services with
organic products.

Rain barrel installed by Glorious Gardens
We have followed our interest in
sustainable living this year by designing
and installing rain barrels, rain gardens,
xeric (drought-tolerant) gardens, native
gardens, wildlife-friendly landscapes, and
more. We will be doing designs of these
and other garden styles throughout the
winter. Don't wait until spring for your design! 
Outstanding Outdoor Spaces
Glorious Gardens has designed and installed some amazing patios, walls, paths, planters, trellises, benches, and other outdoor elements this season. 
Kirkwood patio with low wall and plantings.


If you still have dreams of a fall or winter outdoor enhancement, please call us. We can still translate that dream into reality in 2010! 
Clayton path and trellis
Clayton stone and gravel path with trellis and planter.

Thank you for reading this. If you liked it, please forward it to a friend. If you didn't, please let us know!
In this, our tenth year, we want to continue to be your trusted source for garden aesthetics and advice. We value your trust and will continue to do the very best for you.
Rhonda SchaperSincerely, 

Rhonda Schaper
Glorious Gardens, Inc.