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October 2011

You might have noticed that we have recently refreshed our practice logo and our website design. This new look is part of the introduction of Foxhall Internists Prime, a membership, annual fee-based program in which the participating physician cares for only a limited number of patients. 


At this time, only Dr. Alexander Chester is offering Foxhall Internists Prime to his current patients. Some of our other physicians may join the program in the near future. 


If you wish to learn more about Foxhall Internists Prime, please click here. In addition, Dr. Chester's patients may contact Sharon at (202) 362-4467, if they have any questions or wish to enroll in Foxhall Internists Prime.


Breast cancer is the fifth leading cause of death among women in the United States. Early detection is key to helping women survive breast cancer. The best way to find breast cancer early is with a mammogram. 
The American Cancer Society recommends that all women:

  • conduct a monthly self-exam, starting in their 20's
  • have a clinical breast exam (CBE) by their doctor, about every 3 years for women in their 20's and 30's and every year for women aged 40 and older
  • have a yearly screening mammogram starting at age 40

Other organizations have recommended different screening schedules, especially for women in their 40's, so please discuss your options further with your doctor at the time of your next exam. Women with a family history of breast cancer should share that information with their doctor and consider additional preventive measures.
If you have not had your yearly clinical beast exam and/or are due for a mammogram, Foxhall Internists encourages you to schedule an appointment today. Please contact us at (202) 362-4467. 


Additional information about breast cancer is available from the American Cancer Society.

Our physicians and staff are often called upon by the media to provide expert advice on important health issues. 



*Influenza and pneumococcal vaccines are now available without an appointment from Foxhall Internists Immunization Clinic, Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon and 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. (the office is closed from 12 noon to 1 p.m.). The walk-in clinic is located in Suite 304, 3301 New Mexico Avenue, NW, in Washington, DC. For additional information, please call (202) 362-4467.