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Ballroom Buzz                                                    June 14, 2012

Siti Dance Studio's talented dancers competed in the Atlantic Dancesport Championships 2012 on Saturday June 9th. They were incredible! For many of them it was another competition to add to their list of first places and for some it was their very first. They all did an amazing job representing the studio as well as themselves. We are so proud of them!
Atlantic Everybody

Read below for the competitors results and photos!
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Jacob & Ariana

Atlantic Jacob & ArianaJacob and Ariana danced their 2nd competition as singles and their first as a couple. They did an amazing job. Jacob danced with Nina and won all first places. Ariana danced with Igor and also won all first places. Jacob and Ariana danced their first two dances as a couple and placed 3rd and 2nd. They were very fun to watch!

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Sasha & Shelly

Atlantic Sasha & Shelly 1

Sasha and Shelly had another successful competition. They showed how much they've improved in their technique and performance abilities. They wowed the judges and placed 1st in all of the nine dances.

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Daniel & Vita

Daniel & Vita Philly

Daniel and Vita danced beautifully yet again. They looked spectacular on the dance floor. Both Daniel and Vita performed strongly and stood out. They placed first in all dances and in overall Novice and Pre-Champ levels.

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                    Igor & Brittany

Atlantic Igor & Brittany

Brittany danced her very first competition after training for less than a year. She was stunning on the dance floor. She placed 2nd in one dance and 1st in seven out of eight dances, beating all of her competitors. We are so proud of her and are excited for her future competitions. She is a true star!
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Igor & Tina

Igor & Tina

Tina danced superbly at the Atlantic Dancesport Challenge. She looked beautiful and danced gracefully. She showed her improvements and won all first places with her strong technique and great movement.
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                         Igor & Tamara

Atlantic Igor & Toma

Tamara danced extremely well. She was exciting to watch and outperformed her competitors. She has improved a lot in her technique and demonstrated it in her dances. The judges were impressed and gave her all first places.
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Igor & Patricia

Atlantic Igor & Patricia

Patricia danced very well. She was strong in her technique
and showed off her great footwork. She looked beautiful on the dance floor and impressed the judges with her dances. She placed first in all five dances.

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                       Igor & Oleksandra

Atlantic Igor & Oleksandra

Oleksandra danced exceptionally well. She performed with confidence and strong technique. She was fun to watch and really stood out on the dance floor. The judges were thoroughly impressed and placed Oleksandra first in all dances.
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                  Inna Judged the Competition!

Atlantic Inna Judge

Inna was one of the judges at the Atlantic Dancesport Championships. She watched our students compete and was very impressed with their dancing. She said: "I was very impressed with the quality of dancing our students showed. I was especially impressed with the students who performed for the first time. They did a great job and were the best newcomers among their competitors!"
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See you on the dance floor!



          Siti Dance Team