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Ballroom Buzz                                                    April 4, 2012

Our wonderful students competed at the biggest competition of the year last weekend, March 30-April 1, the USA Dance National Championship 2012. These couples have been working very hard throughout the year to prepare for this competition. Their hard work at the studio really paid off. The boys and girls danced exceptionally well and made us very proud!

Read below for the competitors results and photos!

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Nationals Banner 2012
Pre-Teen I Silver USA Dance National Champions- 1st Place
Pre-Teen II Silver Finalists 4th Place

Sasha and Shelly  Nationals
Sasha and Shelly danced their best this weekend. They stood out among their competitors and danced like champions. They were very strong in their technique and performance. They truly captivated the audience and deserved their win!

Siti Dance Scholarship Award

 Sasha and Shelly will also receive the Siti Dance Studio $100 Scholarship for their outstanding results at the 2012 USA Dance National Championships
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Pre-Teen I Bronze Quarter Finalists

Yufeng and Daniela
Yufeng and Daniela danced really well. They showed their confidence with their great posture and smiles. They showed a lot of improvement in their technique and presentation. As the youngest competitors in their category, they compared really well with the older and more experienced dancers. They placed 13th over all.
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Pre-Teen II Bronze 1st Round

Igor and Irene Nationals 2012
Igor and Irene did a wonderful job at their second competition. They performed really well in a very tough competition. Their Cha-Cha was very sharp and energetic and their Rumba was beautiful and technical. They are a very talented couple.
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Pre-Teen I Bronze 5th Place
Pre-Teen II Bronze Semi-Finalists
Pre-Teen I Silver Semi-Finalists
Pre-Teen II Silver Quarter Finalists

Michael and Rachel Nationals
Michael and Rachel did an amazing job at the Nationals Championships. They were sharp and convincing as they competed very successfully in 4 different categories! They danced better than ever and made us really proud!
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Junior I Bronze Semi-Finalists
Junior II Bronze Finalists 5th Place

Tim and Anastasiya Nationals
Timothy and Anastasiya danced super well at the Nationals. They put on a great performance and tried their best. Their results were also well deserved. They showed their technical and artistic improvement every time they danced.
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Youth Novice Semi-Finalists
Youth Pre-Champ Quarter Finalists

Raphael and Zhanna Nationals
Raphael and Zhanna danced with great energy. They put on great performance and looked very strong. They faced some tough competition and danced well against them. We are proud of how far they've progressed.
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Youth Novice Semi-Finalists
Youth Pre-Champ Quarter Finalists

Adam and Olga Nationals
Adam and Olga looked amazing in their new costumes. They danced with great confidence and floor craft. They also faced tough competition, but were very strong competitors. They have shown their improvements and growth.
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Junior I Pre-Champ Quarter Finalists
Junior I Champ Semi-Finalists
Junior II Pre-Champ Semi-Finalists

Daniel and Jamie Nationals

Daniel and Jamie had a solid look with their new costumes. They showed all of their technical and artistic improvements as they faced difficult competitors. They did a great job and had an overall 8th place in the Junior II Pre-Champ Semi-Final. We are very proud of them!
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