JUNE 2010

Day Aviation photo

G8 & G20 Toronto and Huntsville
Airspace Restrictions - June 24 to 28, 2010
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PPC Exemption to CAR 703.91
to be Extended for Additional Year
Due to expire on June 15th, 2010, HAC has recently received a flurry of calls and emails concerning the Exemption to 703.91.  
HAC has learned that Transport Canada IS in the process of re-issuing the exemption for another year and are planning to call the exemption a "Transitional Exemption", since their plans are NOT to renew it again in June of 2011.

Transport Canada claims that the exemption was issued initially to allow industry to "spin-up" new ACPs when Transport Canada got out of the PPC-Business.
The exemption was issued originally in July  of 2000, and has been providing an equivalent level of safety for ten years now, to the benefit of the industry and the traveling public.
HAC is appealing to Transport Canada to incorporate the terms of the exemption into the Regulations, rather than revert to the restrictive provisions of 703.91 - which call for an annual PPC.
The new "Transitional Exemption" can be viewed on the HAC Website Here.
 Transport Canada Forming
Fatigue Management Working Group
The Canadian Aviation Regulation Advisory Council (CARAC) is holding a meeting on June 28 to 30, 2010, and one of the issues on the Agenda is the consideration of Draft Terms of Reference for a Fatigue Management Working Group.  

HAC has already made application to be represented with technical advisors on the Working Group and will be in attendance at this meeting to comment on the Draft Terms of Reference.
Over the last 20 years, Transport Canada and industry consideration of fatigue-related issues have consumed a huge amount of time, resources and energy.   Historically the issue has been emotionally charged, particularly in the Air Taxi Community that depends on seasonal work as its lifeblood.  This issue is hugely important to the helicopter community.
What's more, previous efforts to discuss Flight & Duty Limitations have been set-back by failed attempts to capture both fixed-wing and helicopter operations in the same forum.  At the same time, the gaping differences between the operational and labour environments in the fixed-wing and helicopter worlds has served to complicate the debate with a discussion of issues which relate to lifestyle rather than safety.
Please take a few minutes to consider the Draft Terms of Reference and offer your comments on or before June 25, 2010 to fred.jones@h-a-c.ca.
Transport Canada Forming
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Working Group
Also being considered at The Canadian Aviation Regulation Advisory Council meeting at the end of June will be the Draft Terms of Reference for the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs).
Naturally, since the UAVs will largely be sharing airspace with conventional helicopters, and in some cases carrying out similar mission profiles, HAC has made application to participate with technical advisors on this Working Group as well.   
The CARAC Technical Committee will be responsible for considering the UAV Working Group's Draft Terms of the Reference, and HAC welcomes all member comments.
Please submit your comments on or before June 25, 2010, to fred.jones@h-a-c.ca.

Cover Photo Opportunity!

HAC is trialing a "Cover Photo" on each issue of the Newsletter.
If you have an interesting photo of one your machines at work, please send it to fred.jones@h-a-c.ca
Please include the name of the photographer and a description of the work being conducted. Only G-rated photos with the permission of the operator, aircraft owner, and photographer will be considered for e-publication.

This month's photo was taken by Neil Stewart of HYDRO ONE.  Day Aviation's 212S working on lease to HYDRO ONE on a tower restoration program in Terrace Bay, Ontario.