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TSC Developments 

Measurement Sciences Working Group Establishes Initial Life Cycle Impact Categories 

These metrics are the first in a series of metrics that will provide a comprehensive suite of impact categories to measure and communicate environmental impacts across all consumer products and sectors.

Home & Personal Care Sector: Research and Deliverables    

   Home & Personal Care
The Home and Personal Care Sector Task Forces, which are comprised of small groups of members and expert partners, continue their work on developing guiding principles and performance indicators for home and personal care products relating to chemicals management and social responsibility.

Update From the Food, Beverage & Agriculture Sector 

The FB&A Sector Product Committees have drafted the PCR and the BLM for orange juice, strawberry yogurt, and wheat cereal. They are open for review by the full FB&A Sector on Workspace through June 10.

Consumer Science June Focus Groups 

   Consumer Science
The Consumer Science WG will be holding it's final round of focus groups on June 1st in Dallas for the ongoing Communication Vehicles at the Point of Sale project.

The Sustainability Consortium Welcomes Lou Molinari 

Louis "Lou" Molinari has been named Electronics Sector Manager for The Sustainability Consortium.

Measurement Sciences Working Group Drafts Guiding Principles for Social Impact Measurement  

The MSWG of The Sustainability Consortium has created the first draft of the "Principles and Framework for Social Responsibility Reporting". This guiding framework will be the basis for the development of social metrics for Sector Working Groups.

Member Features  

Syngenta Expands in North Carolina to Provide Syngenta Researchers the Environment to Help Farmers Grow More From Less  

Building on recent successes in delivering agronomic traits for growers, the new 147,000 square foot research and development complex will provide Syngenta researchers the environment to pursue new traits that will help farmers grow more from less.
Taking Green Furniture to the Next Level, First Natural Fiber Monobloc Chair
The acclaimed designer Werner Aisslinger and BASF will be showcasing the world's first monobloc chair made of natural fibers at the Material Vision 2011, the trade exhibition on materials for product development, design and architecture.
Seven Kellogg Bakeries Among First to Receive EPA ENERGY STAR Rating for Energy Performance
Seven of Kellogg Company's U.S. cookie and cracker bakeries have earned the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) first ENERGY STAR certification for bakeries that demonstrate best-in-class energy performance.

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Why We Can't Shop Our Way to Sustainability, Featuring Our Own Jon Johnson     


Can we shop our way to sustainability
in the supermarket aisle? Eco labels
are cluttered, confusing and unreliable.

Organic food gets a tiny slice of the market.

Most shoppers don't pay much attention to environmental factors... 

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Transforming Agricultural Waste into Biofuel Could Create Up to One Million Jobs in India Over the Next Decade

The Bloomberg New Energy Finance study "Next-generation Ethanol: What's in it for India" commissioned by Novozymes, the world leader in bioinnovation and industrial enzymes, was presented today at en event organized under the aegis of the Danish Embassy in India in cooperation with the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy. 

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PepsiCo Rolls Out Eco-Friendly, Recyclable and Compostable Cups

PepsiCo announced today that it has
begun offering five options of eco-friendly, recyclable and compostable cups to Foodservice customers in the United States through company-owned and independent bottler distribution systems.
SC Johnson Moves the Needle with Employee Recycling Initiative

NL_recyclingElectronicsThe event, organized by employees in the company's Business Process & Technology and Product Supply Environmental Operations groups, promoted safe disposal of personal used electronics and other hard-to-dispose of items.

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NSF is Taking a Stand Against Greenwashing, See How Here
SF International, an independent organization committed to protecting
and improving human health and the environment, offers two new environmental programs to meet the growing demand for science-based support to verify environmental product claims.

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Novozymes Goes Green in Denmark
Production at Novozymes is on a large scale, and producing enzymes requires a lot of electricity. The company's Danish production sites alone consume an amount of electricity equivalent to upwards of 60,000 Danish homes. However, a few years ago Novozymes took a series of steps to reduce its energy consumption in Denmark.

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Tetra Pak Launches Tetra Evero™ Aseptic - the World's First Aseptic Carton Bottle for Milk
Tetra Pak today launches the Tetra Evero Aseptic 1 litre, the first aseptic carton bottle for milk. Employing market driven insight and breakthrough engineering techniques, Tetra Evero Aseptic for white milk combines the easy handling and pouring of a bottle with the environmental and cost advantages of a carton.

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June 1, 2011 

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Research Opportunities  

Interviewees Needed for PhD Project on Sustainability Product Labeling

A PhD project at the University of Manchester is investigating the effectiveness of sustainability related product labelling and the prospects for an effective implementation of an overarching scheme which communicates the sustainability of products to consumers in a simplified form.


The research is based on interviews with small and large scale retailers, manufacturers, primary producers and civil societal organisations who have been involved in either the implementation of an overarching sustainability information scheme or the EU eco-, EU energy, Fair Trade or Marine Stewardship Council label. If you would be willing to support this research through the participation in an interview click here for more information. 



Three Biodiversity and Land Use Projects (FBA)

Christy Slay leads the Biodiversity and Land-use project at the University of Arkansas.  She presented three short-term objectives for the Food, Beverage and Agriculture Sector at the January meeting in Washington D.C. The goals include:

1) research on impact assessment methods for land-use impacts on biodiversity and ecosystem services

2) identify potential drivers and indicators for land-use impacts on biodiversity and ecosystem services

3) develop spatial decision support tools for agricultural land-use and biodiversity to assist with implementing a biodiversity metric into SMRS for agriculture.

Slay co- led a discussion session on the data and metrics intersections between TSC, market, and policy efforts for Ecosystem Services at the Corporate and Product Sustainability Conference at Duke University.  Over 60 attendees from government, corporations, and academia participated in the session.

If anyone is interested in participating in these three projects please contact Dr. Christy Slay

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