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BASF Adds Tail Gas Treatment Catalysts to its Adsorbents Solution Portfolio
BASF's Catalysts division has entered into an agreement with Haldor Tops�e A/S, Denmark, to market Haldor Tops�e's line of tail gas treatment catalysts for sulfur recovery units. Tail gas treatment catalysts are used to remove sulfur compounds as the last stage of a Claus sulfur recovery unit in order to meet local emission standards.
Coca-Cola and Partners Focus on Water Projects in North Africa
This year in Morocco, 50 farmers with
small properties for the first time were able to count on obtaining water for their crops, with the assistance of Coca-Cola. And
about 1,100 people in rural areas there
got drinking water and improved sanitation facilities, as well as training on better hygiene.
Dell Continues to Add Energy-Saving Features
In 2008, Dell made a commitment to reduce the energy consumption of its products and to avoid millions of tons of CO2 emissions worldwide by the year 2010. With 2010 coming to a close, Dell has announced that they have achieved their goal...

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EPA Requires Testing of 19 Widely Used Chemicals
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is issuing a final rule under the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) requiring manufacturers of 19 high production volume (HPV) chemicals to test the health and environmental effects of the chemicals and submit the data to the agency.

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Kimberly-Clark: So Long, Cardboard Core
In August 2009, Kimberly-Clark, the paper giant behind the Kleenex, Cottonelle and Scott brands and the largest manufacturer of tissue products in the world, gave in
to pressure from Greenpeace and other environmental groups to clean up its act
in regard to how it sources its wood fiber and how much recycled content it includes in its products.
NSF International Supports New Lead-Free Definition and Regulations for Plumbing Products
Federal legislation now consistent with NSF Drinking Water Standards to help protect consumers from lead exposure NSF International, an independent public health organization that tests and certifies a wide range of plumbing and drinking water treatment products,...

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Seventh Generation Highlights Its Chemical Free Detergent
 "She should glow, not her clothes," said
a recent print advertisement for laundry detergent made by Seventh Generation, the eco-friendly line, which showed a young girl in a sundress. Along with being nontoxic and biodegradable, the ad says the detergent has no "optical brighteners."

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Stonyfield Farm Joins Will Marre's List of Giving Is Winning Companies
NL_StonyFarmsSocial Stonyfield Farm joins the ranks of such companies as IBM and Clifbar as successful companies who are giving big. Will Marre, CEO of Realeadership Alliance and author of Save the World and Still Be Home For Dinner (Capital Books), is spotlighting a list of 25 top companies in a series called Giving is Winning who are integrating social responsibility into their core business strategy

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Tetra Pak-RFM: Partners for a Healthy Future
In a bid to cultivate and promote healthy living among school children, Tetra Pak and RFM Corporation have partnered for the USDA Food for Progress school nutrition program.

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WWF and Al Gore unite to promote business solutions for forest conservation in the Heart
of Borneo

More than 600 hundred Indonesian government and business leaders joined former US Vice President and Nobel Laureate, Al Gore and WWF Indonesia's CEO, Dr. Efransjah at a gala dinner to celebrate the United Nation's International Year of the Forest and to discuss the role of business in finding forest solutions to the challenge of climate change.

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January 14, 2011

SC Developments

Consumer Science Receives Approval from IRB

New Coordinator Announced for Packaging Working Group

TSC Releases New Video: "Inside TSC"


TSC Welcomes New Board of Directors  

Recent Events

Food, Beverage & Agriculture Meeting
Jan. 11-12 2011
Washington, D.C.

Assurance Meeting

Jan. 13 2011
Washington, D.C.

Future Events

Research Event: Government and Industry Leaders Meet to Discuss Commonalities in Data, Research, and Communication
Jan. 26-27 2011

Electronics Meeting
Feb. 15-17 2011
Tempe, AZ

Home & Personal Care Meeting
Mar. 2-4 2011
Location TBD

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Research Opportunities

Supply Chain and Operations Managers

Call for Participation: The Sustainability Consortium is reaching out to organizations that have adopted lean-oriented strategies such as: Just-in-time, Postponement, Cross-docking, or Vendor Managed Inventory in order to generally inform about energy and carbon dioxide impacts from warehousing, transportation, and retailing operations. Study participants are requested to take part in a 1 hour semi-structured interview.


For additional details, please contact:


Marco Ugarte
Kevin Dooley

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