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NYC Leadership Training 
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Clinton Global Initiative

Annual Meeting   

Sept 23 - 25, NYC  


NYC Sustainability Coordinator Training-I   

Oct 11, 2012

UFT Headquarters, NYC


NYC Education for Sustainability Introductory Workshop  

Nov 6th, 2012

FREE to all NYC teachers   


NYC Sustainability Coordinator Training-II   

Nov 13, 2012

UFT Headquarters, NYC


NYC Sustainability Coordinator Training-IIl  

Jan 7, 2013

UFT Headquarters, NYC


Other News:
July 31, 2012:
CELF is honored to have been invited as a complimentary member to the CLINTON GLOBAL INITIATIVE. CELF will work together with heads of state, government and business leaders, scholars, and NGO directors to analyze pressing global challenges, discuss the most effective solutions, and build lasting partnerships to create positive social change.
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Explore water-related issues from multiple perspectives. Introduce humanitarian design as a viable and necessary solution for a more sustainable future. Use the new FREE CELF Educator's Guide to engage K-12 students in vital topics with hands-on activities related to sustainability. _________________________

HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS: Become a CELF Student Ambassador and learn about  local and global sustainability issues. Demonstrate your knowledge in your community and across the nation!
CELF Student Ambassadors at GreenFestival NYC
CELF Student Ambassadors at Green Festival NYC
Coming soon... More information about our new partnership with National Wildlife EcoSchools.
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The hottest summer on record, new curriculum standards, struggling K-12 reform ... 
A "perfect storm" for making Education for Sustainability a top priority. Forward-thinking schools are focusing on ways to best prepare students for a future very different from today. Top educators are looking for proven methods to increase student engagement and critical thinking skills. Education for Sustainability is one of these methods, and CELF is actively supporting teachers as they pursue it in their curriculum. 

Read on to learn how ...

CELF Launches NYC Leadership Training in Sustainability Curriculum and Assessment Program  

@The New School: June 28-29, 2012 

Launched as a yearlong pilot program, CELF's NYC Leadership Training in Sustainability Curriculum and Assessment Program is set to establish Education for Sustainability throughout all five boroughs of New York City.

The city's Department of Education (DoE) Sustainability Initiative aims to increase the energy efficiency of schools, double annual recycling by 2013, and reduce green-house gas emissions by 30% (by 2017) from DoE buildings and operations. It is an ambitious and laudable goal - 140 million square feet of real estate - and will ultimately save the city millions annually in energy bills and trash hauling costs.  


But sustainability experts agree that the ultimate impact of such "greening" is far broader and more effective in scope when it includes student instruction. CELF is proud to contribute to this effort with our curriculum and professional development for teachers. 

     "Environmental literacy involves far more than simple awareness of  the outdoors. It requires computational skills, enhances critical thinking, and calls upon interdisciplinary perspective. Students become effective global citizens when environmental literacy is aligned with common core and STEM standards. We provide professional development programs through organizations such as CELF whose expertise and professional development benefits our teachers and students, and in turn, the world."

Katie Ginsberg (CELF Founder), John Shea (School Facilities CEO, NYC Department of Ed), Jessica Hejtmanek (Dir of Public Programming, The New School

Ozgem Ornektekin, Director of

Sustainability, NYC Department of



Read more....


The NYC program is supported by independent funds, including support from Wells Fargo Foundation and is provided FREE to select Partner schools. 

Corporations and individuals interested in sponsorship should contact Katie Ginsberg:

15th Annual CELF Summer Institute for K-12 Teachers:
Education for Sustainability

@Manhattanville College: July 16-19, 2012

It is exciting for both teachers and the CELF Instructors to work with educators who hail from other regions of the country. Although school demographics may be different, participants' solutions to pedagogic dilemmas frequently present innovative and original answers to shared issues. Teachers attending this year's Summer Institute traveled from as far away as the United Arab Emirates - and many came from our own backyard. Thanks to generous program support from Con Edison and private donors, CELF was once again able to offer the program at a discounted rate to districts across Westchester County. Teachers from the Danbury Public Schools participated at no cost thanks to full scholarships from Praxair Foundation (CT).   Read more ... 


Summer Institute '12 Stats:SI.12 Socratic Seminar
16 schools
school districts
6,000 students reached in fall 2012

Participant Feedback

"Thanks to all of you for such an amazing workshop. I would be floundering right now without that training. I feel that I am prepared now to address critical issues concerning sustainability with my students in a responsible, positive and enlightened way. I am more hopeful than ever that our students will become caring and connected individuals who can make decisions that benefit the community and the world. This training has pointed me in the right direction." - Pamela Scott, ELA teacher and Sustainability Coordinator, IS52, Inwood, NY


"The Institute instructors were extremely effective as they modeled sound pedagogy clearly and skillfully in every activity." - Ely Perry, Technology Teacher, Louis M. Klein Middle School, Harrison, NY  


"I especially appreciated the experiential learning format, and the careful attention to the individual participants' needs! I hope to persuade our administration to send staff members each year to the CELF Institute."  

- Anne Jaffe Holmes, Env Educator/Project Leader, Greenburgh Nature Center   


"From Day 1, all Institute staff and the participants made me feel very comfortable and gave me support and guidance. A big thank you! All instructors were clear in communication, innovative and creative. I am so glad I had the opportunity to attend the Institute. CELF's materials are going to be of great use to me!" - Sheela George, Academic Supervisor, Our Own English High School,  United Arab Emirates

Other Work in Progress:
  • CELF One-on-one consulting Developing a middle school Environmental Forensics course with one of New York's largest school districts.
  • Consulting with a Westchester high school on a Sustainability Ambassadors Project
  • Working with a United Arab Emirates school (4,000+ students) on sustainability curriculum integration
  • Consulting with the High School for Environmental Studies (NYC) on Student Internship Program
  • Consulting on sustainability curriculum integration with a Brooklyn-based public Middle School  
If you are interested in finding out more about how CELF is involved in your school or community, or would like to learn how to bring sustainability to your district or connect your sustainability efforts to education, please contact us. 
Katie Ginsberg, Executive Director                                                                                                
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