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Update To ReadersSeptember 2012
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I have been very busy these past two months and so my typical informative newsletter won't be published this time around.

I have been fighting for the patient and physician relationship.


 This is the core of what patient care is about. In the past 5 years I have witnessed the systematic breaking up of this sacred relationship by numerous forces. The economic model driving health care explains nearly all of this, in my view.
This summer I again served as a physician delegate for the Florida Medical Association, representing Lee county. I also recently went to Washington DC to advocate for patients and physicians by attending the fall Physicians For Responsible Reform meeting which occurred at the National Republican Club of Capital Hill. I continue to have my voice heard/input  to our physician congressmen regarding health care policy and issues. The physicians from PCRR have agreed on 10 basic principles and presently highlighted the top 4 principles to the congressional caucus.  I won't recite them now as I can't quote them exactly but hopefully over time they will be a mainstay of future health care policy.
Tonight I posted a blog about the DC trip and I encourage readers to follow the link to my article titled "A Funny Thing Happened On The Way Back From Washington..."  I voted for President Obama last election choosing to ignore my personal concerns regarding his health care policy.  I was fed up with prior lies and war. I bought his "audacity of hope" speech. After reading my post you will understand why I deeply regret this decision. Just plain audacity is a better description.
I do apologize for being political as this is not my usual style. The new health care law and the reality of Medicare's insolvency has given me a true sense of urgency that we citizen's give tremendous thought as to which direction this country wishes to go. In my view this presidential election will "seal our fate" regarding the country's decision about whether we wish to socialize health care or offer up a "brave new world" of rethought market economics for health care. I would prefer the latter and truly believe we will all be better off if we all chose the same. We can have less costly and more accountable, high quality health care going forward. It won't happen with a centrally run and planned system.
I plan to publish my typical newsletter sometime in the next 2 months. I plan to write about vitamin B12 deficiency and inform you about a new simple, affordable office test that allows us to quantify your tissue antioxidant status. I will also plan to discuss oxidation and antioxidants regarding health as well.  I haven't decided which recipe to provide so I will keep taste testing in the kitchen.
Don't forget to get your flu vaccines- they are available in our offices presently.  I read an article this summer that showed that across the world, far more people died from the swine flu epidemic than originally thought. This is covered in the vaccine this year and recently their was an outbreak of swine flu in Hawaii and the DC area (if my memory serves me).

Raymond Kordonowy MD
Internal Medicine Of Southwest Florida