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H1N1 Available at IMSWF Nov 2009
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We now have some H1N1 vaccine available for patient dispensing (limited supply).  We have provided vaccine to the highest priority groups these past 2 weeks- namely health care workers, their children, pregnant mothers and students.  The next priority list is persons under age 65 with significant medical diagnosis such as asthma, immune suppression, diabetes or cardiomyopathy.  If you are in this group and wish to be vaccinated please contact our office and request an H1N1 vaccination appointment with our clinical staff. 
The final group to be vaccinated is persons 65 and over.  Obviously we would recommend those with lung conditions, diabetes and/or weakened hearts be given priority over the "healthy elderly".  If you are in this group you are also encouraged to contact us to arrange a vaccination appointment.  We anticipate more vaccine over the ensuing weeks and fully plan on vaccinating all patients in our practice before the flu season is over.  If you are in the lowest priority group, feel free to request the vaccine at your scheduled appointment as you see us this winter and spring.
Cost for H1N1
The government is providing the actual vaccine at no charge. The free clinics that have been offered throughout the community have had no fees attached to them and obviously are the most cost effective option for the general consumer. We assume (but haven't confirmed) the health department would also not have any fees for H1N1 vaccine.  
Physician Providers are allowed to charge a service fee for providing the vaccine.  The government has provided us with a service code for this procedure, which reimburses approximately 30 dollars for each person who receives this service.  We will be submitting this code and its related fee when H1N1 is provided to persons enrolled in Medicare.  We plan on charging the same code and charge to non-Medicare persons who request/receive this service at our office.
This e-mail was sent to inform you of the availability of the H1N1 vaccine at our office.  We had stated in our October newsletter that we would inform subscribers when vaccine was available. We thank you for your patronage and hope we all can avoid a potentially terrible flu season this year.  

Raymond Kordonowy MD on behalf of
Internal Medicine Of Southwest Florida