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Dental and Metron - a great combo!    


As with skeletal X-Ray, we have a number of great features and image quality options available in Metron for dental.  These include the ability to add images and pictures into reports and forms just like skeletal X-Ray images.  


Also helpful - we have Metron online training sessions linked throughout this newsletter for easy access. These sessions are always available for review on the Metron Support Services website in the online training section.


For companion animal, we also have dental positioning guides. These guides give visual assistance with X-Ray cone positioning. For more information, review the "Did you know?" section in the right column of this newsletter.


Best Practice
Add Photos to your Metron Studies


Did you know you can add photos of any type into your studies?

Metron Studies  

RF Foot Lateral
Image Overlay
Why would you want to do this?
  • Have them conveniently available for future analysis
  • Photo to X-Ray image comparison
  • Insertion into Metron report for client education
  • For equine skeletal, we two additional options:
    • Use them with an X-Ray image for overlay
    • Perform Mark--Up to present measurements and angle 

How do you insert the photo?

Nearly all photos being taken these days are with simple digital cameras.  Metron makes it easy to import images from digital cameras.  


Files ButtonSimply, go to the study you want to add the photos, and click. the"File(s)..." button. When the next window appears, navigate to your picture(s) to add and highlight them.  Then click the "Import Highlighted Images..." button.


Import Highlighted ImagesOnce you have imported your images to the study you have the ability to do any of the options listed above.


Metron can also work with intraoral cameras including the Acclaim and Polaris.  These products make it easy to take highly focused, close up pictures inside the mouth of your patient.


If you have any questions about adding your photos into Metron, feel free to contact the Metron Support Services Team. 


Support Services Highlight
Creating a Dental Cleaning Exam Report

Dental Report 4 Page

As many of you have already experienced, it is easier to get a pet owner engaged when you show them pictures.  And small animal dental benefits the most from pictures - pet owners tend not to think about dental care as an important part of overall pet health.


We know that many of you have attempted to create unique presentation documents with MS-Word only to find yourselves learning how to export, import, crop, size, image box, and text box - which turns each document into a challenging project!  The Metron report generator is designed to help you build a visual document very quickly and easily.  Just pick the images you want on the page and type the info you want to display.


Once you have your X-Ray images and photos in Metron, one of your options is to insert those into a report.


Note: Be sure to have added your practice information for the cover page.  This step can be completed at: Preferences, Report Cover Page.


Report ButtonTo create a new report, simply click the "Report..." button from the Metron Database Browser window.  You then select the page styles you would like to have included in your Metron dental cleaning exam report. 


Report Screen

As shown above, you can select the X-Ray images and/or photos you want included in your report plus you can add your custom text to narrate the images presented.


Dental Reports Choices

The report you create is automatically saved in the patient's study.  You can print the study, send it to someone by email etc.  If you would like to learn more about creating your own reports, view the online training session, "Report Generation in Metron."  


Dental Forms

We are also seeing the Metron Forms getting more use.   A form is a tool that helps you to collect and organize a specific set of dental X-Rays and photographs.  If you say you want to produce a "Canine Full Mouth Series", the form will help you to capture all of the images needed for that series.  Metron can capture images right to the mount fields in the form or you can add the form after you have captured your images.


Using forms helps you to develop consistency among your staff.  If you typically take 16 shots for a canine full mouth series, then the form helps remind the staff what shots they need and what shots have already been taken.  This tool is also helpful with training - makes it easy to look at the X-Ray shot collection and point out good images and those that have poor positioning.


If you would like to learn more about Dental Forms, view the online training session, "Acquiring Images into Dental Forms."


Dental Forms 2012


In This Issue
Add Photos to Metron Studies!
Create a Dental Cleaning Report
Dental Forms
Metron Release 6.11
Extended Support Hours
CA Dental Positioning Guides
Your Support Website
Acquire images into Forms


New Release!
Metron New Release

The latest release (6.11) will be available this month.  Click update when you see the message to update Metron.  Check here for a listing of the new features available to you.  If you have any questions, please contact us.



New Support Hours
Clock 6:00


Effective June 18, 2012, Metron Support Services will extend the support hours to 8am - 6pm CST. 


Did you know?


Metron has Companion Animal Dental Positioning Guides.  If you need some assistance with your shots, click the   

Positioning Guide Button 

button available when you are on the dental acquisition screen.

Here you are able to select the shot and size of the cone. 


Maxillary Canine 
View our online training session
for more details of how to use the "Dental Positioning Guides for Canine and Feline."



Support Services Site

Metron Support Services logo
Be sure you and your staff visit
the support site for
past newsletters, 
how-to documents and 
online training sessions. 


Support Services
Support Services Tips


When acquiring an image, you are able to acquire direct to forms.  Please see the online training session "Acquiring Images into Dental Forms" to learn the advantages of using this feature.


Dental Form 


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