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Metron New Release

Hi all!    

We wanted to let you know v6.10 will be out soon! Listed below are just a couple new features we would like to tell you about. A sneak preview now, with Metron version 6.10 scheduled to be released in June. We will have a full release document available at that time.


Auto Forward

"Auto-Forward" implemented in DICOM Routing Rules!  This will give you the ability to auto-forward received DICOMs to two destinations.


CaptionsIn the "Thumbnail Options" panel, we now have selections which give you some
control over how thumbnail captions are displayed.  You can select to show the Laterality, Region, and View.

Best Practice
Technique Charts ... and what is kVp and mAs?



Technique charts are lists of 

X-Ray shot instructions organized by:

  • Animal species
  • Animal anatomy
  • Shot thickness (skeletal only)
  • X-Ray technique values - kVp and mAs

What is kVp and mAs?  Is it important to know and understand kVp and mAs?   Depending on the type of system, it may be very helpful to know what and why kVp and mAs.


X-Ray generators present a variety of interfaces.  Some will give you complete control of the kVp, mA, and Time.   Others will set a fixed value to mA.  And some will program shot type values in an attempt to make the process easier - sort of a technique chart built into the generator.  Most X-Ray generators were originally designed for human use and may include a human anatomy based interface.


kVp is the peak energy of an X-Ray beam.  As you increase the kVp, the X-Rays have more penetrating power.  With canine body X-Rays, you will need more kVp to penetrate through thicker shots.  For an extremity, you might use 50-60kVp.  A large abdomen shot may need 90kVp. 


mAs is the amount of X-Ray exposure over Time.   "mA" is milli-apmere and "s" is Time in seconds.    "mAs" is the multiplication of "mA" and "s".   If your X-Ray generator is set to 300mA and the Time is set to 0.05 seconds (1/20 sec) the mAs = 15.


It is understood that more mAs in your X-Rays will result in more image detail.  But it is also important to keep your shot Time low to minimize the result of patient motion during the X-Ray.  To maximize the potential mAs keep your mA is high as possible.


Technique ChartIt is our goal that you have a technique chart that aligns with your X-Ray generator to help produce the best images possible.  Our charts present shot thickness and kVp.  When needed, we will customize the chart based on your machine's mA maximum setting and its interface.  Your machine will offer variable mAs or Time.   The charts we have displayed present mAs and Time as variables.  Time becomes the variable when the mA is fixed.


With portable X-Ray generators you will often have kVp and mAs settings.   The mAs is variable but the mA is likely a fixed value of 15, 20 etc.   Though you are adjusting the mAs setting, it is really "Time" that you are changing.  As you are increasing the mAs, you are increasing the Time.  


With a good technique chart that is well aligned with the settings on your X-Ray generator, you can consistently produce proper exposure for most every X-Ray shot type.  And now with the added knowledge of how and why kVp and mAs settings, you can make your own adjustments when needed.    


Support Services Highlight
Power Protection...have you tested it lately?


The lights are flickering, the thunder clashes, lightening flashes, and oops, no one checked the battery backup, did they?  Are you ready for summer and all that it brings with it?  There is no time like the present to make sure you have a few things in order for the summer season.   The old saying that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure also holds true for your practice.


If you have not tested your battery backup lately, now is the time to do so.  To perform this test:

  1. Shut your server all the way down and power it off.
  2. Unplug it from your battery backup.
  3. Take a common house fan and plug it into the battery backup where your server was connected.
  4. Leave the battery plugged in, so you know the fan runs.
  5. Now unplug the battery backup unit from the wall.
  6. It will beep at you, but your fan should still be operating.
  7. If not, time for a new battery or a newer unit. 

Note: We would recommend a new battery or replacement for units 4 years or older


We also recommend power surge protection for your server and other computer to help protect power spikes - which is on the bad side of a power fluctuation.  


This is a good time to review your insurance policy for claim status on storm damage.  What is covered, what is not?  Ask your software vendors what is needed in case of a reload and will it cost you?  This is necessary information when reviewing your policy.


Data Backups - are they happening every day? Are they removed from the premises?  Make sure you ask all staff responsible for this process to ensure you do not have any gaps.  The storm is not the time to find out if you really have a backup.

Enjoy the sunshine but beware of the rain!  Prepare and you will have peace of mind next time the thunder rolls. 


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Metron at NAVC Institute
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Support Services Spotlight
Dan Gayhart

Dan Gayhart


Dan brings over 10 years of Information Technology experience to the DVMConnexx technical support team. Having developed an interest in computing at a young age, Dan's background includes desktop support, server support, network and web support in environments ranging from small businesses to enterprise-level organizations.  As a computer professional, Dan is committed to providing the highest-level of both customer service and technical support for DVMConnexx's clients to rapidly resolve computer and Metron digital X-Ray issues that users encounter every day. 


Welcome to the team Dan!



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