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iPad, iPhone, and web viewing add to the ability to have remote viewing of Metron images.


The other day I visited a practice that had been pondering how best to present small animal X-Rays to pet owners.  Historically, they would bring a client into the treatment area - not ideal.   With Metron, the practice has a few options: 

  1. Metron viewing stations in the exam rooms
  2. Wireless laptop (as a Metron viewing station) that can be carried around the practice
  3. iPad that can be carried and used by the doctors remotely

This practice did not already have computers in the exam rooms and so did not want to invest in computers for each.  They tried out a tablet type laptop running wirelessly with the Metron "Viewing Station" software but it just did not have the speed and screen size to work affectively.  Since the primary goal was to show clients X-Ray images, the iPad was perfect.   It shows a beautiful picture and has that great iPad interface to zoom, pan, on/off markup, and listen to voice annotations with ease.


Metron AppMetron for iPad is going to be a big winner...we should have invented the iPad too.  Click here for the link to the Apple store where you can purchase your own copy of the iPad (and iPhone) app.  


As always,  let us know if you have any questions about this interface or any new features with version 6.



Kevin Scholz

CEO, DVMConnexx

Metron Support Services

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Practice Spotlight
Cypress Equine Services             


Cypress Equine

Dr. Meyers and Cypress Equine Services  are new to the Metron Software having started using it in January 2011.  They are focused on client communication and preventative medicine; it is their mission to provide their clients with the highest quality veterinary care right in the barn.   Dr Meyers takes an integrative approach to equine veterinary care.  She uses advanced diagnostic techniques and therapeutics as well as offering Alternative Medicine to provide the best care for her patients. 


When deciding to purchase Metron, Dr. Meyers said there were a number of reasons it was great for her, "it was included with my Alara CR system and it was NOT e-Film".  In addition, she viewed all the training videos as soon as she took delivery of the system.  Saying that she viewed a few of them several times to learn all about the features Metron offers.  Being able to view the videos or just read the slides was very helpful allowing her to focus on a single topic.  Dr. Meyers stated, "I did receive the February newsletter and I appreciated the tips.  It is something I will read whenever it comes and hope to get practical advice every issue."


Cypress EquineAnother topic area Dr. Meyers wanted to share her experiences with was Guided Mark-up for the hoof.  She told us, "The foot markups on Metron are a value added feature that I wasn't sure how much I would use. Much to my surprise I have done podiatry consultations with four different farriers already and have added a podiatry consultation to my list of services.  This is a great service that gives the farrier, myself and the owner/ trainer tons of valuable information.  Assessing medial-lateral balance, hoof angles and palmar angles on these horses can only help to enhance performance.   The 3-D model gets lots of ooohs and aaaahhs, too.  I find it very helpful to illustrate a broken back hoof pastern axis and what the horse should look like."


Regarding the iPad interface, she said "Sending from Metron to the iPad is easy. "  All you have to do is select the images and click the Send Images Button.  You then log into Metron App on your iPad and download the images.  One question she had was about the amount of memory the images would take up on her iPad.  She wanted to make sure she didn't use up all her memory, but want to leave as many cases on for viewing as possible.  The images that are sent from Metron are JPEG so not very large in size. When the iPad is connected to the store, the amount of memory used is shown.  For example, we have about 20 studies, each with average of 3 or 4 images, and it hasn't made a dent in the memory usage.


Also, the recipient can view (zoom, pan, mark-up on/off) and can listen to the voice annotations.  For more on "How to setup and use" this interface, please see supporting documentation at the Metron Support Services Website  or click here to link directly to the document.


We wanted to thank Dr. Meyers for agreeing to be our iPad beta reviewer for Metron version 6 iPad interface.  We appreciate all her feedback and look forward to working with her in the future.


If you are interested in using Metron with your iPad or iPhone, you can download the app for just $29.99 at the Apple Store.



Best Practices
Metron New Release Version 6       


Metron Features 6.02As we have been discussing, Metron version 6 has now been released and you might have already seen it pop up in Metron with your auto update prompt.  If you are not set up or have not seen the message to download, feel free to contact us at the Metron Support Desk via email or 1-877-638-3868.


Just a reminder of some of the new features available with version 6:

  • If you have DICOM option you able to send and point others to your posted images and reports using Metron Web Viewer.  You are able to send images multiple ways.
    • Via DICOM to any DICOM-compliant system
    • Post to or iPad or iPhone
    • Send via E-mail
  • New Guided-Mark-Up Analysis for Canine "DAR" view.  See the Support Services Tips Section in the right column.
  • iPhone and iPad application to display your Metron x-rays and reports. Read the Practice Spotlight article above for user information.
  • Ability to record voice annotations on your images - these are also sent to the iPhone or iPad.    
  • Metron is able to print in 'True Size' (or with any desired magnification factor) to a standard Windows printer. Metron is also able to render 'True Size ' on screen.  Click here to view document.


For other new features please see the client release notes for version 6.     


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Support Services Tips
A new feature with the release of Metron version 6!  What is the DAR (Dorsal Acetabular Rim) Analysis? It is a measurement methodology applied to a special 'DAR view' radiograph of the canine pelvis.  It is related to, and may be considered a predictor for, canine hip dysplasia.  
Be sure to visit the Metron Support Services Website for "Guided Mark-up in Metron DAR Analysis for Canine" online training session.


DAR Viewlet



Did you know? 

Dental x-ray

There is a Companion Animal Dental X-Ray Imaging document that we have posted for your reference of sample images we have seen.


Please click here to view the full brochure.


CA Dental Brochure




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"Staff members were very personable and helped us to understand the problem. Even though it took some time to locate the difficulty they were very patient and stayed past work time to solve the problem. We were very happy with the service provided during our recent contact. Thank you."



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